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Project Management y Plan de Negocios (template) by Mind Map: Project Management y Plan de Negocios  (template)
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Project Management y Plan de Negocios (template)


Develop Project Charter

Develop Preliminary Project Scope Statement


Set Up Project Environment

Define Scope

Develop Project Schedule

Develop Risk Plans

Plan for Quality

Organize Project Resources

Develop Procurement Plans

Develop Financial Plan

Develop Project Support Plans

Develop Project Management Plan


Acquire Project Team

Direct and Manage Project Execution

Manage Team Performance

Assure Quality

Manage Project Communication

Contracting with Subcontractors

Monitoring and Controlling

Monitor and Control Project Work

Integrated Change Control

Scope Verification

Schedule Control

Manage Finances

Perform Quality Control

Manage Project Team

Produce Performance Reports

Manage Stakeholders

Risk Monitoring and Control

Contract Administration


Close Project

Contract Closure

Plan de Negocios - Carpeta

1. Página de Introducción

2. Resumen ejecutivo: Tres o cuatro páginas en las que se resume todo el plan de negocios

3. Análisis sectorial

4. Descripción del negocio

5. Plan de producción

6. Plan operativo

7. Plan de marketing

8. Plan de organización

9. Evaluación de riesgos

10. Plan financiero

11. Apéndice (incluye materiales de referencia)

Plan de Negocios - Proyecto

Phase 1 - Strategic Plan

Phase 2 - Define the Business Opportunity

Phase 3 - Plan for Action

Phase 4 - Proceed With Startup Plan