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Chapter 2: Tech. Infrastructure by Mind Map: Chapter 2: Tech. Infrastructure
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Chapter 2: Tech. Infrastructure

The Internet and the World Wide Web


Growth of the Internet

Emergenece of the World Wide Web

Key Definitions


Computer Network


Network access provider

Hypertext Server

Web Server

Web browser

Local area network

Wide area network


Internet backbone


Simple Main Transfer Protocol

Post Office Protocol

Opening tag

Closing tag

Leased Line

Packet-switched Networks

A network in which packets are labelled electronically with their origin, sequence, and destination access. Packets travel from one computer to another along the interconnected networks until they reach their destination.

As single packets travel from one network to another, the computers through which they travel determines the best route for getting them to their destination. Can be done through:

Markup Language and the Web

Standard Generalized Mark up Language (SGML)

Hypertext mark-up Language (HTML)

Extensible mark-up Language (XML)

HTML and XML editors

Internet Protocols

Protocols determine how the sending sevice indicates that it has finished sending a message, and how the receiving device indicates that it has received the message.


IP Addressing

Domain Names

Web page Request and Delivery protocols

Email protocols

Unsolicited Comm- ercial Email

Intranets and Extranets



Public and Private Networks

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Key Definitions Con't

IP tunneling




Semantic Web

Internet Connection Options

Broadband connections

Leased-line connections

Wireless connections