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AFG Website by Mind Map: AFG Website

1. Old Website Content

1.1. Homepage

1.1.1. About AFG Structure Standards of practice Membership

1.1.2. Feldenkrais What is the Feldenkrais Method Find a class Find a practitioner For children For pain management For seiors In sport For health professionals For performers FAQs

1.1.3. Members Members home Add member news add member document members' library members' gallery organisation Business centre projects/teams members' calendar eNews archive

1.1.4. News News archive Calendar Add your news

1.1.5. Training apply for assistant trainer certified trainers training programs for trainees

1.1.6. Resources Videos research gallery your story media centre forum useful links

1.1.7. Secondary links diclaimer privacy policy trademark information site map copyright how to use this site contact us help

1.1.8. Your stories Add your story browse stories

2. New web content

2.1. High Level Menu

2.1.1. Membership done

2.1.2. Contact done

2.1.3. shop buy a printed certificate (CFPs only)

2.1.4. Login Members area Membership database functions Public directory back end functions Resources

2.1.5. Cart

2.2. Main Navigation Menu

2.2.1. About The Method done The Guild done constitution Health Insurance Rebates done, but add workcover and NDIS Standards of practice done

2.2.2. Research Evidence done but ask if someone can write a research statement

2.2.3. Becoming a practitioner asked Jenni to contribute content

2.2.4. Benefits done

2.2.5. Find A practitioner styling to finish A class or event styling to finish

2.2.6. News

2.3. Audience Grid

2.3.1. done - images still to go

2.4. Call to Action Row

2.4.1. Watch Videos

2.4.2. Find a practitioner

2.5. News & Events

2.5.1. News Feed done

2.5.2. Events Feed done

2.6. Footer Menu

2.6.1. Contact Us done

2.6.2. Privacy done

2.6.3. Disclaimer done

2.6.4. Copyright done

2.6.5. Trademarks done

2.6.6. Social Links done

3. Support

3.1. Recurrent user problems

3.1.1. People editing their profiles, and then finding they disappear because they go into the moderation queue Do we want Aspedia to change the moderation queue requirement Lyn to take issue to national council to consider the issue. Michael to send Lyn text to forward to National Council Michael has sent email to nat

3.2. Time zone potential error with WA events

3.2.1. Leith to document the issue, Michael to review

3.3. CPD points verification

3.3.1. Leith to verify CPD entries

3.4. Aspedia change request Document

3.4.1. To put in Update the report to reflect Josh's needs

3.5. Aspedia Support

3.5.1. Things to refer to support

3.5.2. Already referred CPD diary is not appearing as an option for some members, including test For three CFPs only, the link to CPD diary is not showing in the member portal. These are Nicholas Aboukhater, Ivan Jankowski, Carmel Stephenson. Whereas alistair love seems to be working Test user account became functional after an administrator moderated the new membership to approve it. ?? Videos not working again CFPS and members are being treated as retired associates Transactions are missing from histories of David Issacs and Maxine Bachmayer Clone function is not working - you edit the cloned version and hit save, but it doesn't save any of the edits - it only saves exactly the same data

3.5.3. Already resolved When you go to update the expiry date on a membership, it asks for a password, but it's unclear what password it is This function is not available - you have to expire a subscription and create a new one Carmel Stephenson if you search for her first name only, she comes up, but with both names she doesn't even with correct spelling When viewing a member's health fund addresses, there is supposed to be a field where someone can nominate if they wish to have an address removed from a health fund list. This field is no longer visible in the back end. It's a radio button with the title "Remove Practice address declared through health fund:" Also data in the field "date started practising" has disappeared referred to support on 23 June. Reminder sent 30 june This issue has been resolved and will be included in the next software update The damned video issue is coming up again #2 Sent a request for progress update on 24 july Activity completion dates not showing in back end see julie peck cpd for example

3.5.4. how do you void an invoice? Eileen davey

3.6. Videos

3.6.1. Videos to create Create video on how a student becomes a full member How to clone your events

3.6.2. Videos created do video on setting up a favorite video on the website How to create news items how to send a newsletter How to update your CPD How to update the internal members directory document How to upload practitioner lists to the directory page How to upload an image to the vic event How to deal with duplicate entries how to unpublish an external event How to access your provider numbers in the member portal

3.7. URGENT - review the automated correspondence before membership renewals time

3.7.1. Done

3.8. Resolved itself

3.8.1. Comfy feet happy spine is an event. Yet it is showing up in the list of resources Resolved itself

3.8.2. paypal invoice links are not working for graham rattigan

3.8.3. permission problems christiner heberlein's address - can't create new one

3.9. remove ralph hadden cloned event

3.10. Write to everyone to clarify