Lesson Planning

Plan your lessons and the goals of your lessons as well as including important content

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Lesson Planning by Mind Map: Lesson Planning

1. Google Maps Lesson

1.1. Prerequsites

1.1.1. Gr.5

1.1.2. Math

1.1.3. MB. Cirriculum

1.2. Objectives

1.2.1. Main cognitive objective G-1.1 G-2.2 Pr-2.3

1.2.2. Main affective objective M-2.2 Co-1.1

1.2.3. Pro's and Con's of transportation (examples) Vehicle quicker ride company (passengers) Bike exercise mother nautre scenery Canoe scenery saftey

1.3. Resources

1.3.1. Materials Smart board/laptop/projector/speakers Computer lab

1.4. Goals

1.4.1. Learning how to calculate and estimate

1.4.2. Converting km/miles

1.4.3. Meauring

1.5. Method of instruction

1.5.1. Computer room Have students open up map and start working on assignment and have students make there own destination from one place to another

1.5.2. Smart board Have students work from smart board and helping each other how to work it. Also to .........

1.6. Method of Evaluation

2. Video Lesson

2.1. Prerequsites

2.1.1. Gr 2

2.1.2. Basic Math Skip counting

2.2. Objectives

2.2.1. ICT Continum Cognitive Domain C-3.1 Affective Domain M-2.1

2.2.2. Mb. cirriculum 2.N.1 Understanding number sequence Skip counting

2.3. Content

2.4. Resources

2.4.1. Web Whiteboard

2.4.2. Smart board/Table

2.5. notes

2.5.1. Quick thinking

2.6. Method of Instruction

2.6.1. Show students video of how to skip count

2.6.2. Have students do there work and see if they can recall what they learned, if some did not get it, show the video again.

2.7. Method of Evaluation

3. Prerequisites

3.1. Set context

4. Podcast lesson

4.1. Podcast

4.1.1. Prerequistes k-9 Gr1 Native Studies ojibway language culture traditions

4.1.2. objectives Main cognitive objective P-1.2 Main affective objective C-2.1 M-1.1

4.1.3. Goals Teaching basic Ojibway words counting 1-10 greetings Learning the Ojibway culture sweatlodges ceremonies hunting Traditonal beliefs

4.1.4. resources Biki ojibway language program MP3 player vocarro soundcloud audacity Smartboard play recordings Elders bringing local elders in the class record the elder speaking in ojibway

4.1.5. notes Have some recordings from elders in community About Ojibway app program Ojibway animal test online Having students pronouncing words daily five words a day words said in morning and end of day

4.1.6. Methond of instruction Pronoucne words clearly and have students repeat Students pronounce words to each other "Try your best"

4.1.7. Method of evaluation Students need to learn by making mistakes, kids are scared to try and speak cause they are affraid of the pronouncation. So as long as I see the students trying and saying the words, thats all I need to evaulate

5. Power Point Presentation lesson

5.1. Prerequisites

5.1.1. Gr.3

5.1.2. Physical Education

5.2. Objectives

5.2.1. Mb. Cirriculum S.2.3.A

5.2.2. ICT Continum P-1.2 P-2.1

5.3. Resources

5.3.1. Brainshark

5.3.2. Microsoft Word

5.3.3. Google PowerPoint

5.4. Method of Instruction

5.4.1. Students warming up there muscles for Physical activity, prevent injuries

5.5. Method of Evaluation

5.5.1. Participation

5.5.2. Work ethic