Keith's Notes on Leadership Event

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Keith's Notes on Leadership Event by Mind Map: Keith's Notes on Leadership Event

1. Discernment

1.1. What do we value?

1.1.1. Faithfulness

1.1.2. Obedience

1.1.3. Sacrifice

1.1.4. Approval

1.1.5. Numerical success

1.1.6. Self Preservation

1.1.7. Pragmatism

1.1.8. change

1.1.9. community

1.1.10. discipleship

1.1.11. Are we just adding Jesus to our current worldly values?

1.2. How do we define success?

1.3. Not all of the corporate style values are worthless, they are just much less valuable than the very important biblical values.

2. How did Jesus Lead?

2.1. How did he do church?

2.2. If we judge Jesus by today's leadership standards, Jesus was a failure.

3. Why does this matter?

3.1. We don't understand what it means to be a disciple

3.2. We've gotten off track

3.3. We are lukewarm

3.4. Reward in deeper walk w God

3.5. Workers for the harvest

3.6. Leadership is a requirement of community

3.7. Serving is optional

3.8. discipleship before leadership

3.9. we've just been trying to sustain status quo

3.10. we see people as means to an end

3.11. Fear of rejection

4. Choosing something else over Kingdom values

4.1. Lying in sales

4.2. putting time, energy, travel into work at expense of church and family

4.3. conversations

5. Death to self

5.1. Kenosis

5.2. take up cross

5.3. servant leadership

6. Do we work for God because we want his approval and blessing or out of gratitude for past present and future redemption and love?

7. Community and relationship as the transformational force.

8. Human doing or human being?

8.1. Is it about doing things for God, or being with Him and being like Him?

9. Week 2

9.1. Review

9.2. How do we measure success?

9.2.1. Moses and Abraham never recieved the promise in their lifetimes

9.2.2. The means is the same as the end...Faithfulness and obedience

9.2.3. fruit of the spirit

9.3. Interactive Elements

9.3.1. Table Discussions Discussion questions Character Studies

9.3.2. Q and A from survey cards

9.4. Survey to find out where they lead, where they see themselves, etc.

10. New node