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Mayflower by Mind Map: Mayflower

1. Wampanoag Indians Key Interests

1.1. to become pilgrims alliance

1.1.1. teach them how to grow food

1.1.2. warn of potential harm

1.2. to survive as a people

1.3. to not lose ground to other Indian tribes


2. Key Concepts/Terms

2.1. Puritans

2.1.1. Are here Puritans today? What happened to them?

2.2. Merchant Adventurers

2.3. Mayflower Compact

2.4. Colonialism

2.4.1. settlement

2.4.2. resources

2.5. Survivalism

2.5.1. This book is alot like LOST because.... you don't know who to believe fresh start...nothing is established need to determine where the power lies

3. Similarities and differences between this story and the story we were told as children

3.1. Differences

3.1.1. story was all positive

3.1.2. ate duck and deer

3.1.3. different time of year

3.2. Similarities

3.2.1. there was food involved

3.2.2. celebration

4. Pilgrims Key Interests

4.1. Free to practice their religion

4.1.1. Commitment to Sabbath

4.2. to establish new community

4.2.1. security

4.2.2. grow own food

4.2.3. reduce disease

5. Issues Relevant to Today

5.1. How are Native Americans viewed?

5.2. Democracy - say more, how is "democracy" at issue today and how does it connect with this event?

5.3. How do we share finite resources with groups with competing interests, e.g. water?

6. King Philip's War

6.1. reasons behind war

6.1.1. execution of 3 Indians

6.1.2. greed

6.1.3. jealousy