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Mayflower by Mind Map: Mayflower
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Pilgrims Key Interests

Free to practice their religion

Why weren't they able to do this elsewhere? Somewhere with streets and houses?

to establish new community

Wampanoag Indians Key Interests

Can you link to some content materials on the web here to provide a more in-depth explantion of the culture and beliefs of the Wampanoag Indians?

to become pilgrims alliance

to survive as a people

to not lose ground to other Indian tribes

Issues Relevant to Today

How are Native Americans viewed?

This assumes a non-Native identity in the reader, it would seem. Are there more general ways to describe subjectivity/objectivity and colonial issues that might be at play today in the world?

Democracy - say more, how is "democracy" at issue today and how does it connect with this event?

How do we share finite resources with groups with competing interests, e.g. water?

Key Concepts/Terms


believed church of England must be purged of its excesses and abuses.

Merchant Adventurers

viewed colonization of America as an investment and a way to plant their religion.  Thomas Weston was their representative.

Mayflower Compact

government agreement established by Pilgrims before reaching shore that said majority would rule.


Where does this fit with colonialism of other lands/people? How was this a similar/different story from the ways in which other places were colonized? What are the key characteristics of colonialism?


Similarities and differences between this story and the story we were told as children



King Philip's War

reasons behind war