Mayella Ewell

Use this mindmap to articulate the important qualities about the character you are studying.

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Mayella Ewell by Mind Map: Mayella Ewell


1.1. Scared

1.1.1. Quote or Evidence (Including Page #) Mayella seems like she is under pressure from her father as she is scared of him

1.2. Angry

1.2.1. "She was looking at him furiously" Page Nom. 198 At a certain point during the trial, Mayella feels like she is being mocked by Atticus. It seems like she wants the trial to be over and no longer have to deal with the event on November 21st.

1.3. Emotion

1.3.1. Quote or Evidence (Including Page #) Mayella's emotions give her strength to stand up to Atticus in what she was told to do by Mr Ewell - lie


2.1. good sense

2.1.1. 'she's got enough sense to get the judge to feel sorry for her' page 196 how jem see's mayella ewell: jem questions mayella's sense as no one really knows what mayella is like and how smart she is.

2.2. strong willed

2.2.1. 'you're a strong girl' & 'mayella's face was a mixture or terror and fury' page 204 how atticus sees mayella ewell: thoughout the trial atticus speaks and gets to know mayella ewell. according to atticus, this girl comes across as emotional but strong willed

2.3. lonely

2.3.1. 'she was even lonelier than boo radley' page 209 how scout see's mayella scout see's mayella as a lonely and rather sad girl seeing as she 'has no friends', she didnt finish school and that she just stays around the house all day with nothing to do.


3.1. Clean

3.1.1. "In Maycomb county, it was easy to tell when someone bathed regularly... Mayella looked as if she tried to keep clean" Page Nom. 195 In the time the book was set, the common person did not have access to a shower as we do now. The sign of cleanness was a sign of wealth. In the case of Mayella, it is said that her father didn't clean himself, it oculd be that she despises him so much she makes sure she has nothing in common with him.

3.2. "Thick bodied"

3.2.1. "but when she sat facing us in the witness chair she becme what she was, a thick-bodied girl accustomed to strenous labour" Page Nom. 195 She was a rather large and strong woman from extensive labour

3.3. Shifty

3.3.1. "Apparently Mayella's recital had given her confidence, but it was not her father's brash kind: there was something stealthy about her" Page Nom. 197 The statement "there was something stealthy about her" represents that there is something mroe to Mayella than meets the eye.


4.1. one issue that comes accross mayella ewell is the way she is uncertian about her facts and is unable to keep her story straight

4.1.1. 'No, i don't recollect if he hit me. I mean yes I do, he hit me' - page 202 untrustworthy

4.2. a second concern that comes across mayella ewell is herslef accusing atticus of being 'rude' and 'mockin' her as a tactic to make atticus look bad. 'she did something every child has done--she has tried to put the evidence of her offece away from her

4.2.1. won't answer a word you say long as you keep on mocking me' page 198 'he's not trying to mock you, he's just trying to be polite. thats just his way'. page 198 rude, trying to be distracting from the topic

4.3. 2

4.3.1. judge taylor was not the kind of figure that ever evoked pity Explain

4.4. Lack of Empathy

4.4.1. "Atticus raised his head. 'Do you want to tell us what happened?' But she did not hear the compassion in his invitation" Chapter 18 Lack of empathy from Mayella means that she only thinks about herself and she doesnt understand when others show affection or compassion towards her, leading her to not knowing the affect her actions have on others

4.5. Bravery

4.5.1. Evidence: When Mayella lies to the courtroom judge about November 21st Mayella's bravery is so significant, that, as a result, others are hurt.


5.1. Vulnerable

5.1.1. "Mayella stared at him and burst into tears" Page Nom. 195 She stands in the courtroom looking very scared and worried as if something bad is going to happen - results in tears.

5.2. Moody

5.2.1. Chapter 18 - Page Nom 195-199

5.2.2. "She did something every child has done—she tried to put the evidence of her offense away from her." She throws a tantrum and starts crying whilst in the courtroom and then changes to being angry. Her moods are always up and down.

5.3. Considerate

5.3.1. Evidence: the multiple times throughout the book when the reader hears about her consideration towards Nergoes - they have rights Mayella used to be considerate towards Negroes Caring towards Mr Ewell - up until when he forces her to lie to the Jury at the trial


6.1. A better life for herself

6.1.1. Evidence: Mayella grows red geraniums in her back yard. They stand out among the dirty shack in which she lives Mayella has her life all ready planned in that her daily routine consists of: looking after her younger siblings while Mr Ewell leaves the house to binge drink. He often abuses her, but she has no where to run

6.2. her evidence become gaps, and becomes more obvious that she's making up the story as she goes, therfor belives in herself more than the truth and facts.

6.2.1. 'No i dont recollect if he hit me. I mean yes i do,he hit me.' page 202 Mayella’s guilt from tempting Tom Robinson is so strong that she has made herself believe that he was the one at fault; not her.