Online Resilience (Byron)

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Online Resilience (Byron) by Mind Map: Online Resilience (Byron)

1. In the Byron review, Byron talks negatively about parents and their role with e-safety at home. She discussess that often children are left to explore unattended on the web instead of going outside to explore or even watching television. Byron argues this is not a healthy alternative.

2. parents need to be educated on the risk of buying their children games which are unsuitable for thier age range

3. Child Safety

3.1. over protective parents

3.2. restricting access is decreasing children's resilience

3.2.1. children are growing older quicker than previous generations

4. Children and parents

4.1. imporvements need to be made in terms of resilience

5. Organisations working with Byron

5.1. PEGI

5.2. BBFC

6. Example of E-safety strategy from Leeds County council

7. Links:

7.1. Teachers TV video: Playing It Too Safe?

7.2. Byron review

7.3. Keeping children safe online video

7.4. Byron Review: Action Plan

8. Tanya Byron

9. Executive summary, In relation to the internet we need a shared culture of responsibility with families, industry, government and others in the public and third sectors all playing their part to reduce the availability of potentially harmful material, restrict access to it by children and to increase children’s resilience.