Public Administration

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Public Administration by Mind Map: Public Administration

1. Easy

1.1. !!!

1.1.1. connect ideas

1.1.2. Excited

1.1.3. dream

1.2. Payoffs

1.2.1. solidify

1.2.2. achieve goals make rigorous academic publish talk social / societal advocate make better be awesome!

1.2.3. express archive experiment

1.2.4. make new things

1.2.5. connect with people through ideas see: Sacha!

1.3. research process

1.3.1. reading

1.3.2. hypothesize research design

1.3.3. ask questions learn how why ask? who else cares where

1.3.4. make claims!

1.4. prerequisites

1.4.1. confidence

1.4.2. passion

1.4.3. argument

1.4.4. writing skill grammar vocabulary syntax creatively distinct

2. Hard

2.1. vs. Talking

2.1.1. free association

2.2. Proof

2.2.1. assess evidence

2.2.2. rigorously

2.3. to

2.3.1. concentrate procrastination neglected tasks structure it distraction email social media paid work Airplane Mode Firefox Blocker extensions

2.3.2. articulate logic progression number ideas from outline export

2.3.3. organize slicing tasks rational re-integrate implement plan remove obstacles make mindmaps stay calm this is work!

2.4. pressure

2.4.1. external class requirements length sources verbs time competing

2.4.2. internal emotional nervous lacking love #!@ self-talk fear

3. New node