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LANCELOT Online Campus Project brief by Mind Map: LANCELOT Online Campus Project brief
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LANCELOT Online Campus Project brief

Success criteria

Have a visible web site for the set of identified keyphrases in four main areas

Have free valuable content in the number of 4-10 items that are unique, special and very useful for your readers within the next six months

Build/ expand list of passionate subscribers/ fans to 500 or more in the next x months

Target audience

professional offline language teachers who want to learn how to teach live online

teachers who like to learn about tools to enrich their 'offline' or 'online' lessons

teachers who enjoy networking with other teachers

(potentially) language teaching professionals who are in the process of having to make an informed decisions on what kind of tools, eLearning programs, software, webservice etc they want to buy/ use for their learners


Language teachers who want to work online


To re-launch the LANCELOT online campus for language teachers to learn how to teach languages online

Improve visibility on major search engines

Create high-value free content items

Grow an ongoing list of potential customers

Identify by interacting with this community the premium products and services to create and offer them



Resources, assests

60 trained teachers offering 18 language

Virtual Round Table Conference

YouTube channel

EduNation in Second Life

AVALON project




ICC Europe

EU project partners

digital publishing AG

International House

Why is this being done?

because language teachers who have taken the course needs continuous support, they need solutions