Living Things Unit

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Living Things Unit by Mind Map: Living Things Unit

1. Microscope

1.1. Zoom

1.2. Fine Focus

1.3. Coarse Focus

1.4. Eyepiece

2. Cells

2.1. Plant

2.1.1. Plant cell are tough

2.1.2. Big vacuole

2.1.3. Chloroplast

2.2. Animal

2.2.1. Soft, flexible Membrane

2.2.2. Small Vacuole

2.2.3. Centrioles and Lysosomes

2.3. Cell

2.3.1. Tissue Organ Organ system

2.3.2. Cells White blood cell Red blood cell Muscle cell Nerve cell Fat cell

2.4. Cell Theory

2.4.1. All living things are composed of one or more cells.

2.4.2. Cells are the basic unit of life.

2.4.3. All cells come from pre-existing cells.

2.5. Endocytisis

2.5.1. A cell also needs to move non-dissolved particles, or large amounts of material from its cytoplasm to the outside enviroment

2.6. Exocytosis

2.6.1. The process by which dissolved materials

2.6.2. are brought into a cell from outside

2.7. Diffiusion

2.7.1. Is when a substance is goes from a high concentration gradient to a low gradient.

2.8. Osmosis

2.8.1. The process that allows liquids to pass through semi-permeable membranes into a higher concentration.

3. Organisms

3.1. Multicellular

3.1.1. More than 1 cell

3.1.2. Usually visible to the eye

3.1.3. Nutrition

3.2. Unicellular

3.2.1. One cell per body

3.2.2. Moves by flagella

3.2.3. Bacteria

3.3. Five Kingdoms

3.3.1. Monera

3.3.2. Protist

3.3.3. Fungi

3.3.4. Plantae

3.3.5. Anamelia