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Baby Unit for Pre-K by Mind Map: Baby Unit for Pre-K
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Baby Unit for Pre-K


Paint w/ baby bottle

Finger painting

Create a "birth certificate"

Draw a baby

Paint with baby lotion


Diaper Experiment "How much can a diaper absorb?"

Taste Test - Baby Food vs. Real food


Sort baby clothes by color/size/gender

Count babies fingers & toes

Count how many times a day the baby eats; cries; gets a diaper change - keep a log/chart

Graph how many children have babies at home

Graph class birthdays


Teacher will be the scribe: Tell a story from when you were a baby & illustrate

Generate a list of baby names


Discuss families / various make-ups

Create family album - use baby pictures until present day

Discuss family "roles" - mother, father, sister, brother, etc.

Make a Family Tree

Discuss how to care for a baby; rules to follow & why


Visit a baby page on a hospital website

Research how to care for a baby

Create an illustration of a baby on KidPix

Watch video on "new baby in the family"

OTHER: Dramatic Play; Fine/Gross Motor; Centers

Baby Station in Dramatic Play - have babies; highchair; crib; bouncer; swing; bottles; diapers; etc. to care for babies

Water Table: Babies; soap; washclothes; rubber ducks; combs/brushes = baby bathtime

Sensory: Explore w/ baby powder; use baby oil & water in bottle w/ items inside; use baby lotion on arms &/or legs

Lacing - baby shapes: baby, bottle, diaper, pacifier, shoe

Set up tunnels for students to practive crawling; have crawling races



Kid's Book to Welcome a New Baby

Before You Were Born

Hello Baby

A Ride on Mother's Back