Online Resilience (Byron)

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Online Resilience (Byron) by Mind Map: Online Resilience (Byron)

1. Byron Review

1.1. Govt. publication of the Review.

1.2. Wikipedia Summary of the Byron Review

1.3. Ofcom's submission to the review

1.4. ICT register and the Byron Review

2. Press reaction

2.1. The majority of newspapers reacted to the byron review as a fresh excuse to blame video games and demonise them.

2.2. BBC interview with Dr. Byron

2.2.1. BBC Summary

2.3. The Guardian

2.4. Daily Mail - Video Games cause Autism

3. Organisations working with Byron

3.1. Becta welcomes the Byron review- "Technology is changing all the time. Everyone who uses it, no matter what age they are, needs to be aware of the dangers so they can make the most of its benefits – and we will continue to support the recommendations of the Byron Review in doing this."

3.2. PEGI

3.3. BBFC

4. Parental role in e-safety

4.1. Becta- How children can be kept safe at home

4.2. Byron discusses the digital divide between children and their parents. Byron wants the children to be supported in their thinking around the risks they take when entering an online world.

4.3. Ratings of video games need to be recognised by parents.

4.4. When children go online many parents think it is like watching television however, Byron discusses the idea that it is more like opening the front door and allowing the children to go and play. When this happens there are decreasing levels of supervision when the children get older and understand the risk. Parents need to monitor their children when online and put in place parental filters.

5. Role of Teachers in teaching E-safety

5.1. Teachers TV

5.2. Becta- developing children's development in E-safety

5.3. Teachers TV- teaching the future today

6. Government role

6.1. Byron recommends that the Government provides parents with useful parental filters that can be easily installed and understood.

7. Resources to use in the classroom

7.1. KS1 resource, CBBC 'safe surfing'

7.2. Hectors world, designed for the ages of 3-11.