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Sexting by Mind Map: Sexting

1. Government adverts to combat Cyber Bullying

2. Sexting is cyber bullying

2.1. Bullies be gone blog, the cosequences of sexting.

2.2. Teacher resources to tackle the subject of sexting. Suitable for year 6 upwards.

2.3. How to combat Cyber Bullying.

2.3.1. Becta.

2.3.2. BullyingUK.

3. What the newspapers think.

3.1. Daily Mail

3.2. The Guardian

3.3. The Sun

3.4. And not just British news sites...

3.4.1. ABC News

4. Teens prosecuted in the US for Sexting? lets find out more!

5. Anti-Sexting Song

6. BBC article- Alarm bells ring over 'sexting'

7. Sexting. What is it?