Parent Knowledge: e-safety

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Parent Knowledge: e-safety by Mind Map: Parent Knowledge: e-safety

1. e-safety at Home

1.1. How to keep your Laptop safe

1.2. Child Internet Safety

1.3. Beginners Guide to being safe at home

1.4. E-safety at home: Quiz

1.5. Firewalls explained

1.5.1. Frequently asked questions

1.6. Password Security

1.7. New Safety Software: BBC Video

1.8. Its up to the parents!

2. e-safety tips

2.1. Playing safe on Twitter

2.2. Playing safe on the web

2.3. Keeping your children safe online

2.4. How about an 'Internet Safety Pledge'

3. e-safety and gaming

3.1. Game age restrictions 3+, 7+, 12+ and 16+

3.1.1. New node

3.2. Parent/Child gaming tips

3.3. Risks/reducing the risks

3.4. Ban online gaming?

3.5. Safe games for children

4. e-safety statistics

4.1. Local Safeguarding Children's Boards (LSCB's)

4.2. Intenet Safety presentations: Facts, Statistics and Tips

4.3. NSPCC

4.4. Uncomfortable Facts

4.5. Video

5. Are you e-safe savvy?

5.1. If no then you best watch this!

5.2. The e-safety song!!