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The High Five Process: 5 Essential Learning Questions by Mind Map: The High Five Process: 5 Essential
Learning Questions
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The High Five Process: 5 Essential Learning Questions

What do Learners need to Know?

purpose and expectations of training

expectations of e-LC

benefits of Tools

application of Tools

goals and purpose

difference b/w Web 1.0 and 2.0

the power of the PLN

functionality of Wimba

navigating the tools

the interface, e-board tools, content frame, media bar, presenter's console, app sharing, Pushing out Web, Text Chat

pronto vs classroom

features of Pronto

downloading Pronto

set-up Wizard

designing in Leadership Course





other tools

How will learners learn it?

Using tools

asking focused questions

providing relevance of tools to impact e-LC

leadership strategies

strategic planning


sharing best practices

creating models

streamlining processes

studying and reading

collaborating and connecting





app sharing


logging into leadership course

referring to Wimba Quick Reference Guide

completing Set-up Wizard

How will we know learners learned it?

vision and Values

e-LC Deployment Plan

sandbox learning


creating e-LC structure

engagement in activities

practice and modeling

next steps and follow-up

What will we do if learners did learn it?

sandbox learning

follow-up virtual support with Don via Pronto

stoplight schedule of priorities

learn and lead

set clear deliverables to create course content and model tool usage

What will we do if learners already know it?

begin the work of the teams

implement deployment plan

coach and support team members

use the Tools

engage in the Course

be the model in chief

assign coach or virtual learning partner