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Amazon Rainforest By Alice & Mike by Mind Map: Amazon Rainforest By Alice &
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Amazon Rainforest By Alice & Mike

MUSIC: sounds of the rainforest, river, animal, forest walk, graphic score.

MFL: Spanish?

PE: Tribal dance, animal movements.

MATHS: size of rainforest, number of species, statistics eg: deforestation.

ICT: Research, presentation using Powerpoint on Rainforest

SCIENCE: Plants & Animals

ENGLISH: Stories (such as Kapok Tree), descriptions, poems, posters, letters, information booklets

DT: Make instruments, create a rainforest 'enviroment'

GEOGRAPHY/HISTORY: South America, dustruction, deforestion, maps, atlas, hot seating tribal person.

ART: Collage, tribal art, experimenting with colours, animal pictures, textures.