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Information Services Procurement Library (ISPL®) study guide mind map by Mind Map: Information Services Procurement Library (ISPL®) study guide mind map
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Information Services Procurement Library (ISPL®) study guide mind map

ISPL® Basic definitions

Acquisition goal

Acquisition plan

Acquisition strategy




Service domain

Target domain

The acquisition process

The acquisition process model (5 phases)

1. Acquisition initiation

(for each procurement)

5. Acquisition completion

Roles in Acquisitions and Procurements

Organisational Authority

Operational Expert

Two key roles:

ISPL® Deliverables

Contract domain deliverables

Target domain deliverables

Service domain deliverables

ISPL® - is a best practice library for the management of Information Technology related acquisition processes. It helps both the customer and supplier organization to achieve the desired quality using the corresponded amount of time and money by providing methods and best practices for risk management, contract management, and planning.

ISPL® v1.0 was developed and published in 1999 by a consortium of five European companies: EXIN and ID Research (ORDINA) from the Netherlands, FAST from Germany, SEMA from France and TIEKE from Finland.

4 main benefits of using ISPL®

The customer can take advantage of the competitive market.

Proposals of suppliers become comparable.

The use of a strategy that really fits the situation.

The contract can be used as a control instrument.

ISPL® Official publications

Introduction to ISPL

Managing Acquisition Processes

Managing Risks and Planning Deliveries

Specifying Deliverables


ISPL in the European Public Sector: guidelines

ISPL for Web Engineering

ISPL for Large-Scale Migrations

ISPL for IT Service Management