Self-Directed Learning in the 21st Century

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Self-Directed Learning in the 21st Century by Mind Map: Self-Directed Learning in the 21st Century

1. Target settings

2. Students self-monitor their learning at home and does work in school.

3. students monitor their own learning.

4. teachers as facilitators of learning rather than spoon-feeders of information

5. SDL

5.1. Ownership of learning

5.2. Student-directed, Teacher as facilitator

5.3. Lessons to be tweaked towards the pupils for SDL learning.

5.4. Assessments that provide feedback to the pupils for their learning

6. Students track their learning progress

7. Is self-directed learning a process or an attribute?


9. Assessment and feedback mechanism?

10. self- exploratory lessons

11. students set their own targets

12. flip classroom as a strategy

13. how to motivate those who are less inclined to practise SDL?

14. independent learning

15. students set their own learning goals