To Kill A Mockingbird Characters

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To Kill A Mockingbird Characters by Mind Map: To Kill A Mockingbird Characters

1. Mr Radley

1.1. Father of Nathan and Arthur Radley

1.2. Resident of Maycomb

2. Boo Radley

2.1. Dominates the imagination of Jem, Scout and Dill

2.2. A powerful symbol of goodness

2.3. Resident of Maycomb

3. Rev. Sykes

3.1. Reverend of the First Purchase M.E African chruch

3.2. Respects the Finch family

3.3. Resident of Maycomb

4. Zeebo

4.1. Calpurnia's eldest son

4.2. One of only four black people who can read

4.3. Resident of Maycomb

5. Atticus

5.1. Father of Scout & Jem

5.2. Defends Tom Robinson

5.3. Resident of Maycomb

5.4. Lawyer in Maycomb

6. Tim Johnson

6.1. A dog belonging to Harry Johnson

6.2. Goes mad due to rabies

7. Miss Maudie

7.1. Old friend of Atticus

7.2. Best friend of Jem and Scout among adults

7.3. Resident of Maycomb

8. Burris Ewell

8.1. Son of Bob Ewell

8.2. Resident of Maycomb

9. Nathan Radley

9.1. Boo Radley's older brother

9.2. Another symbol of evil, by filling the hole in the tree

9.3. Resident of Maycomb

10. Heck Tate

10.1. The sheriff of Maycomb

10.2. Major witness in the Robinson case

10.3. Protects innocent from danger

10.4. Resident of Maycomb

11. Scout

11.1. Daughter of Atticus

11.2. Sister of Jem

11.3. Resident of Maycomb

12. Tom Robinson

12.1. A 'mockingbird' who is destroyed by evil

12.2. A black man accused of rape

12.3. The client of Atticus Finch

12.4. Resident of Maycomb

13. Jem

13.1. Son of Atticus

13.2. Brother of Scout

13.3. Resident of Maycomb

14. Dill

14.1. Jem and Scout's summer neighbor and friend

14.2. Represents innocence

14.3. Resident of Maycomb

15. Walter Cunningham

15.1. Son of Mr Cunningham

15.2. Classmate of Scout

15.3. Resident of Maycomb

16. Judge Taylor

16.1. Judge of Maycomb court

16.2. Known for his informal way of running court

16.3. Is against racism and appoints Atticus to Tom

16.4. Resident of Maycomb

17. Calpurnia

17.1. Cook and caretaker for the Finch family

17.2. Jem and Scout's bridge between the white world and black

17.3. Resident of Maycomb

18. Stephanie Crawford

18.1. Neighborhood gossip

18.2. Resident of Maycomb

19. Dolphus Raymond

19.1. A wealthy white man who lives with blacks

19.2. Is jaded by the hypocrisy of the white society

19.3. Resident of Maycomb

20. Aunt Alexandra

20.1. Atticus's sister

20.2. A perfect image of a southern lady

20.3. Resident of Maycomb

21. Bob Ewell

21.1. Represents the evil in people

21.2. A drunk and unemployed member of the poorest family in Maycomb

21.3. Resident of Maycomb

22. Mayella Ewell

22.1. Unloved, depressed and abused daughter of Bob Ewell

22.2. A symbol of evil

22.3. Resident of Maycomb

23. Mr Cunnigham

23.1. Father of Walter Cunningam

23.2. A poor farmer and part of the mob in Maycomb

23.3. Resident of Maycomb

24. Uncle Jack

24.1. Atticus and Alexandra's younger brother

24.2. Doctor

24.3. Resident of Maycomb

25. Mrs Dubose

25.1. An ill-tempered, racist and miserable woman

25.2. A symbol of courage in the book

25.3. Resident of Maycomb

26. Miss Caroline

26.1. Scout's first grade teacher

26.2. New to Maycomb

26.3. Very sensitive and over-dramatic

27. Helen Robinson

27.1. Wife of Tom Robinson

27.2. Symbol of how one man's actions can affect many people

27.3. Resident of Maycomb

28. Mr Underwood

28.1. Publisher of Maycomb's newspaper

28.2. Respects Atticus and proves to be an ally

29. Mr Avery

29.1. Overweight neighbor

29.2. Neighborhood gossip

29.3. Resident of Maycomb

30. Miss Rachel

30.1. Dill's Aunt

30.2. Resident of Maycomb

31. Miss Gates

31.1. A 3rd grade teacher at Scout's school

31.2. Resident of Maycomb

32. Lula

32.1. An african-american lady who despises whites

32.2. Resident of Maycomb

33. Mr Gilmer

33.1. Prosecuting lawyer in the Robinson case

34. Eula May

34.1. Maycomb's most prominent telephone operator

34.2. Resident of Maycomb

35. Cecil Jacobs

35.1. Bully to Jem and Scout

35.2. Symbolises that prejudice can be passed on from parent to child

35.3. Resident of Maycomb

36. Link Deas

36.1. Employer of Tom Robinson

36.2. A perfect of fairness

36.3. Resident of Maycomb