*ECI 521, Teaching Literature for Young Adults Course Syllabus

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*ECI 521, Teaching Literature for Young Adults Course Syllabus by Mind Map: *ECI 521, Teaching Literature for Young Adults Course Syllabus

1. Organization

1.1. Themes/topics/issues for each two-week session

1.2. Official Google Hangout/Unhangout each week with book clubs and whole group discussions

1.3. Students keep blogs as portfolios for publishing multimedia responses

2. Exploratory Nature

2.1. Open

2.2. Practitioners/Mentors/Diversity

2.3. Professional Development (CEUs with System's approval; eventually would like to offer university credit for reduced fee

2.4. Literacies to Learn (including digital tools, many to many learning, collaboration, and curation

3. Description

3.1. Open enrollment -- only for-credit students pay

3.2. Opensource -- only opensource materials required

3.3. Autonomy -- students choose most relevant assignments and design personal project

4. Learning Outcomes

4.1. Professional Self -- integrating learning, literacy, and literary theories to engage YAs in curriculum, social justice, critical literacy, and creativity through literature

4.2. Literate Self -- model a fully and actively literate individual through transactions with literature for YAs and responses (both personal and critical) in multiple forms and media

4.3. Virtual Self -- develop an effective online identity by leearning to integrate new literacies and technologies inot learning and teaching

5. Textbooks and Supplies

5.1. Choose three books from Eva Perry Short List

5.2. Book club nonfiction title

5.3. Book club graphic novel

5.4. Personal Word Press Blog

6. Grading

6.1. Contracts

6.1.1. Detail 1

6.1.2. Detail 2

6.2. Online Portfolios (Blogs)

6.2.1. Detail 1

6.2.2. Detail 2

6.3. Self-Assessment

6.3.1. Detail 1

6.3.2. Detail 2

7. Topics/Issues

7.1. Defining YA Lit in a Digital Age

7.2. Guaranteeing the Right to Read and Create

7.3. Multidisciplinary Teaching with Fiction and Nonfiction

7.4. Engagement through digital media

7.5. Literature for critical reflection, creativity, and social justice

8. Course Project: YA Lit Oscars

8.1. Partner with Eva Perry Teen Book Club

8.2. Discuss award-winning books & lit categories

8.3. Stream live and archive

9. *Case Study in Major, C. (forthcoming). Teaching online: A guide to theory and practice. Johns Hopkins University Press.