What do you know about Huck Finn?

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What do you know about Huck Finn? by Mind Map: What do you know about Huck Finn?


2. Setting

2.1. Missouri

2.1.1. By the Mississippi

2.1.2. ON the Mississippi

2.2. Illinois

2.3. South

3. Characters

3.1. Huck Finn

3.2. Jim

3.3. Miss Watson

3.4. Tom Sawyer

3.5. Widow Douglass

3.6. Huck Finns dad

3.7. Aunt Cully

4. Author

4.1. *whispers* fenceings

4.2. Mark Twain

4.2.1. Real name was Samuel Longhorn Clemens

4.2.2. Grew up in St. Louis by the Mississippi River

4.2.3. Born November 30th, 1835; Died April 22nd, 1910

4.2.4. Had a nickname of Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass

4.2.5. Married to Olivia Langdon and had four kids

4.2.6. He published more than 30 books

4.2.7. As a teenager, he was the apprentice of a printer

4.2.8. President of the American Anti-Imperialist League for nine years

5. Themes

5.1. Slavery

5.2. Friendship

6. Plot

6.1. Huck Finn gets money

6.2. Huck Finn helps Jim the slave escape

7. Context

7.1. Published in 1884

7.1.1. December

7.2. Set in roughly 1845ish - Mark Twain said the setting was about 40 years before it was published

8. Misc other stuff?

8.1. Controversial for its usage of the n word

8.2. Sequel to Tom Sawyer

8.2.1. Someone paints a fence white fence METAPHOR!

8.3. It's hard to understand what Jim is saying

9. First impressions:

9.1. Narrative voice:

9.1.1. little kid rambly (syntax!)

9.1.2. innocent? about murder?

9.2. dichotomies

9.2.1. innocence vs experience

9.2.2. superstition vs skepticism

9.3. dialects

9.3.1. gradually got easier