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The Coponents of the System Unit by Mind Map: The Coponents of the System
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The Coponents of the System Unit

The System Unit

Drive bay(s)

Power supply

Sound card

Video card




Multi-core processor

Dual-core processor

Quad-core processor

Data Representation

Analog signals are continuous and vary in strength and quality

Digital signals are in one of two states: on or off


The operating system and other system software

Application programs

Data being processed and the resulting information

Volatile memory

Loses its contents when power is turned off

Example includes RAM

Nonvolatile memory

Does not lose contents when power is removed

Examples include ROM, flash memory, and CMOS

Expansion Slots and Adapter Cards

Plug and Play,

Memory cards, USB flash drives, and PC Cards/ExpressCard modules

Ports and Connectors

USB port

Firewire port

Bluetooth port

SCSI port

eSATA port

IrDA port

Serial port

MIDI port


PCI bus

PCI Express

Accelerated Graphics Port

USB and FireWire bus

PC Card bus


A drive bay typically holds disk drives