The Picture of Dorian Gray

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The Picture of Dorian Gray by Mind Map: The Picture of Dorian Gray

1. Literary movement

1.1. Aesthetic Movement

1.1.1. Arts exists for the exaltation of beauty

1.1.2. Beauty must be raised and prioritized above the moral and social issues

1.1.3. Develops a superficial conception of beauty, with a predominance of the aesthetic image

2. Historical Context

2.1. "Victorian era" (British History)

2.1.1. Long period of: Peace Prosperity Refined sensibilities National self-confidence for Britian

2.1.2. Period of Queen Victoria 20 June 1837 - 22 January 1901

3. Author: Oscar Wilde

3.1. October 16 1854 (Dublin, Ireland) November 30 1900 (Paris, France)

3.2. Published "The picture of Dorian Gray" in 1890

3.2.1. It was criticized

3.2.2. He re-edit the novel in 1891

3.3. Oxford

4. Main characters (1 Chapter)

4.1. Lord Henry

4.1.1. Close friend of Basil Hallward.

4.1.2. A nobleman

4.2. Basil Hallward

4.2.1. Friend of Lord Henry

4.2.2. An artist

4.3. Dorian Gray

4.3.1. Portrait the artist Basil's paints.

4.3.2. Handsome, impressionable, and wealthy young gentleman