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OutPut by Mind Map: OutPut

1. Display devices

1.1. A monitor

1.1.1. LCD Monitor The graphics processing unit (GPU)controls the manipulation and display device LCD monitors use a digital and should pluginto a DVI port,and HDMI port,or a digitalsPort

1.2. Plasma monitors

1.2.1. Television also are a goodoutput device

1.2.2. Digital television offers acrisper,higher quality output

1.2.3. HDTV is the most advancedfrom of digital television

1.3. CRT Monitors

1.3.1. Have a much larger footprintthan do LCD monitors

2. Other output devices

2.1. Force-Feedback

2.1.1. sends resistance to the devicein response to action of the user

2.2. Tactile output

2.2.1. Tactile output provides the the userwith a physical response from the device

2.3. Data projecter

2.3.1. A device the takes the text and imagedisplayitn on a computer screen andprojects them on a large screen

2.4. An interactive whiteboard

2.4.1. A touch-sensitive device.remembering a dry-eraseboard,that display the image on a connectedcomputer screen

3. Printer

3.1. Mobile printer

3.1.1. Small printer that printer on adhesive type materal

3.2. Label and postage printers

3.2.1. Postage also can be prints onother types of printers

3.3. Plotters

3.3.1. Used to produce high-quality color drawing

3.4. Large-format printers

3.4.1. Create photos realisticquality color prints on larger scale

3.5. An ink jet printers

3.5.1. Color or black and white

3.5.2. Printers with a higher dpiproduce a higher quality

3.6. Photo printer

3.6.1. Most used ink jet technology

3.6.2. Print from a memory card and preview photos on a built-inLCD screem

3.7. Laser printer

3.7.1. High-speed

3.7.2. black and white

3.7.3. High quality color

3.8. Thermal printers

3.8.1. Generates images by pushing electrically heated pins against- sensitive paper

4. Speaker,Headphone,Earbuds

4.1. Video output

4.1.1. some webside dedicatethemselvs to providing voiceoutput

4.1.2. often works with voice input

4.1.3. VOIP uses voice output andvoice input

4.2. Earbuds

4.2.1. rest inside the ear canal

4.3. Headphones

4.3.1. speakers that cover your heador are placed outside of the ear

4.4. Audio output device

4.4.1. Generate higher-qualitysounds for playing game

4.4.2. Interact with multimedia presentations