Aesthetic Movement

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Aesthetic Movement by Mind Map: Aesthetic Movement

1. Started in the 1860s

1.1. Movement dedicated to pure beauty

1.1.1. Developed in: Decorative arts The most marvellous example of aesthetic movement interior decoration was Whistler's Peacock Room designed for the wealthy shipping tycoon Frederick Leyland. Literature Visual arts James McNeill Whistler, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Aubrey Beardsley were the most representative of visual arts.

1.2. "Art exist of art sake"

2. Oscar Wilde

2.1. Born

2.1.1. 16 October 1854 Dublin, Ireland

2.2. Died

2.2.1. 30 November 1900 Paris, France

2.3. Nationality

2.3.1. Irish

2.4. Genres

2.4.1. Drama, short story, dialogue, journalism

2.5. Period

2.5.1. Victorian era

2.6. Recognised work

2.6.1. The picture of Dorian Gray Characters Chapter 1 Lord Henry Dorian Gray Basil Hallward "The artist is the creator of beautiful things" Here we can see a direct relation with the aesthetic movement. This epigram was the best to describe the concept of the novel, also this phrase show us the relation that Basil and Lord Henry want to stablish with Dorian.