Prisoners Dilemma

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Prisoners Dilemma by Mind Map: Prisoners Dilemma

1. Over View

1.1. The point of this excerise is to show the diffrent points of Perspective.

2. Points of Perspectives

2.1. Reaslist

2.1.1. In this game the realists are the ones who squal just be let out of jail. Its a smart plan since theres a 50% chance the other person is going is going to squel on you so why not get 10 years instead of 25

2.2. Liberal

2.2.1. This is probably the best thig you and your partner can do in this game and thasts just stay quiet. So neather you or your friend says anything so you get only 1 year of jail instead of if you both squel which is 10.

2.3. Identity

3. Game and Penalties

3.1. The point of this game is to see the diffrent points of persepective in real life. So we pretend that 2 people are in jail and they have to decide whether they both stay silent, both squel or if 1 stays silent and the other squel. Depending on what they do they are juged as reaslist, liberal or Identity perspectives