Information System Development

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Information System Development by Mind Map: Information System Development

1. Analysis Phase

1.1. Process modeling

1.1.1. Entity relationship diagrams

1.1.2. Data flow diagrams Dataflow Processes Data stores Sources

1.1.3. Project dictionary

2. Operation, Support, and Security Phase

2.1. Perform maintenance activities

2.2. Monitor system performance

2.3. Assess system security

3. Planning Phase

3.1. Review and approve the project requests

3.2. Prioritize the project requests

3.3. Allocate resources

3.4. Form a project development team

4. Design Phase

4.1. Acquire hardware and software

4.2. Develop all of the details of the new

4.3. Modified information system

5. Plan and schedule

5.1. Project scope

5.2. Required activities

5.3. Time estimates for each activity

5.4. Cost estimates foe each activity

5.5. Order of activities

5.6. Activities that can take place at the same time

6. Implementation Phase

6.1. Develop programs

6.2. Install and test the new system

6.3. Trian users

6.4. Convert to the new system

7. System Development

7.1. Planning

7.2. Analysis

7.3. Design

7.4. Implementation

7.5. Operation, Support, and Security