personal attributes valued by employers

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personal attributes valued by employers by Mind Map: personal attributes valued by employers

1. Self- motivation

1.1. self motivated is a key features in a working environment because it will show your employers that you will go that extra bit to be it work on time, produce quality work and be able to achieve higher within your job. Krissy

2. Leadership qualities

2.1. if theirs someone within your business that steps up to the challenge to take lead with a project and get it done it will show the employer that they are determined to take responsibility and take charge. Krissy

3. Respect

3.1. Respect is a trait employers look for in a worker as in a working environment the term " to earn respect you have to give respect" meaning if you give respect you can achieve greatness within your job. Joe

4. Dependability

4.1. Employers look for a dependable worker as it means the employer can rely and trust the employee to do a specific task, or to complete a project be a certain deadline. Joe

5. Punctuality

5.1. Punctuality is an excellent trait to posses as it shows employer that you are able to structure your time well and work to a set schedule. Joe

6. Problem Solving

6.1. employers look for someone that can problem solve within the job because if theirs a problem within in the business, its good that theirs someone that can fix it internally off there own back within out hiring someone to do it. Krissy

7. Determination

7.1. determination is a good aspect in a business environment because it will show your employers that you will go that extra bit to produce high level work, complete work and get work done within a certain time. krissy

8. Independent Workers

8.1. Being able to work independently is a trait employers look for as it requires higher up's having to check up less on the employee because you have faith in their ability to get the job done. Joe

9. Time management

9.1. Within a working environment, employers are looking for good time management because it shows that the person is organized, reliable and able to structure there day to maximize work. Krissy

10. Team Working

10.1. Team working is a useful trait as it shows that whilst you may be able to work well individually, you can also work collaboratively and communicate with a group to complete a project. Joe

11. Written numerical and verbal skill

11.1. Employers look for a certain standard of Math's and English skills, these are essential in communication with customers, keeping stock of a companies inventory and handling revenue and profit. Joe

12. Planning and organisational skills

12.1. This is a good feature because employers look for people that plan there own work, set a time and get the work handed in on time. it will show the employer that they are organized with all projects they do and will make the employers that they can rely on you if others cant get the work done. Krissy