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Globazation 3.0 by Mind Map: Globazation 3.0
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Globazation 3.0


Allows people to share infomation from around the world.

Work Flow Software

This is how people can share software over the internet. such as facebook and stuff like that.


This is bascially all about cell phones and how people can acess the internet from anywhere on the glob.Some countreis arent even using LAN lines. They go straight to cell phones.


When compianes send parts of there company to different countries.


When compianes take on another role in the us.


when companies send there whole company to a differnet country because there is cheaper labor.

supply chains

This is when companies such as walmart, can order some thing as soon as it is sold and it is shipped all by software and computers.


this allows people to be able to upload what ever they want to the internet. There is no piravcy!!!!


THis is the ability to be abe to inform people people what you are doing such as twiter.

end of cold war

This opened peoples ecomony to capitalism instead of commusim.