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UWCSEA profile by Mind Map: UWCSEA profile

1. Qualities

1.1. Self Aware

1.1.1. Be aware of what you do

1.1.2. Make a balance

1.2. Resilient

1.2.1. Being a risk-taker

1.2.2. To just do something

1.3. Commitment to care

1.3.1. Caring for other things

1.3.2. Putting yourself in someone else's shoes

1.4. Princinpled

1.4.1. To have things fair

1.4.2. Being respetful

2. Skills

2.1. Self Manager

2.1.1. To manage things and not get mad

2.1.2. To organise things

2.2. Cricital Thinker

2.2.1. Thinking about the consequenses

2.2.2. Think well and ask questions

2.3. Creative

2.3.1. To have great new ideas

2.3.2. Imagine new inventions made by you

2.4. Collaborative

2.4.1. To participate in things

2.4.2. To cooperate with others

2.5. Communicator

2.5.1. To have good communication to others

2.5.2. Listen and read to understand perspective