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MindMeister - Securing a Global Cloud App by Mind Map: MindMeister - 
Securing a Global Cloud App
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MindMeister - Securing a Global Cloud App

Securing against attacks

Rails built-in stuff

SQL injection

XSS (Ajax)

CSFR (authenticity token)


Approved since 2012

Scans, every 3 months, XSS, SQL Injection, Versions of used software, Known threats

May 7, 2014, Teamsecur3: XSS vulnerability detected!

Securing user data

256bit SSL

for paying users

Encrypted backups

geographically separated location

Daily backup, weekly copy, 500 GB

Securing user access

OAuth 2.0

Latest technology for authorization and authentication in cross-domain scenarios

External Logins, Facebook, Twitter, Google

External Services, Google Drive, Evernote

Two-factor authentication

via TOTP

Securing admin access

Access to admin UI

only with 2-factor token

Access to servers

IP v6 only

with IP filter and ssh


Reaction time 5 hours after public knowledge

Updated openssl on all servers

New certificates (and keys)

Nice: internal svn server used older version that was not affected

Blog Post


Seriously affected Q3 revenue

-20 %

Euro zone is still sceptical

Assure Users


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