Julian's Chapter

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Julian's Chapter by Mind Map: Julian's Chapter

1. Describe Julian in Words

1.1. selfish

1.2. mean

1.3. judgmental

1.4. rude

1.5. spoiled

1.6. not caring

1.7. self-centered

1.8. trickster

1.9. clueless

1.10. puzzled

2. Predictions

2.1. This book will probably be on Julian's perspective of the story Wonder. Julian will go through his thoughts and what's happening from the beginning of the book. I predict that his thoughts from the beginning will be mean and we will totally recognize him. Actually, I think that in the very end it will show the good part of Julian, because everyone has a good side in them. Maybe it will show that Julian was actually guilty in the end. All characters, including Julian have flaws. I predict that we will figure out that Julian was scared so that's why he was being mean to August.

2.2. The new chapter is called, "The Julian Team", because Julian is putting the school into two groups, 'Team Julian' and 'Team August or loser kids', I think Julian would make this up because in Wonder Jack would just hang out with August instead of Julian. I think Julian is actually just jealous of August since he gets to be with Jack, Julian's x-friend. Julian just wants to punish Jack for not being his friend instead of being August's friend.

2.3. I predict the reason why Julian had to be sent to the head of school is because of the notes Julian have been putting in Jack's locker. Jack probably told the principals about the notes. Jack must of disliked it. August should get treated equally like everyone else, that's probably why the principals are so serious about them. The principals even told them they care so much about the school's kids not getting bullied. The notes are very mean and of course, parents would get involved. Julian should of thought about the consequences.

2.4. I predict that Julian will regret how he acted with August now and realize how mean he was before. Also, I infer this because the quote for the next chapter has a part that says, "you might cry when you regret things," Julian might know that he was doing something bad after the side effects and consequences. For example, he had to stay home for two weeks of suspension and after that he got expelled. That's a lot of trouble he got himself into.

2.5. I predict that Julian's grandmother is going to be the one who changes Julian's thought on how he reacted with August. Julian is probably going to change his thoughts and learn something new from her. Grandma probably understands since it happened to her when she was a little girl so, she can connect to Julian's situation he is in. She may seem bad because she says really bad words and watches inappropriate movies. However, every character has flaws like Julian's Grandmother.

3. Reactions To Characters

3.1. I think that if Julian's Mom told Julian how August looked like then Julian's reaction to August's face wouldn't be so bad, if he got warned Julian would probably be aware of it. Mr. Tushman did warn Julian but, not enough. The principal didn't explain exactly so he would understand how August would look like.

3.2. I'm actually not that surprised how Julian talks, it's pretty ridiculous. He thinks that fifth grade was messed up and different than fourth grade because of August. Actually, I think he is just putting all the blame on August since he was the one who got in all this trouble.

3.3. Wow, I am pretty surprised how Julian's Dad is really calm. I mean compared to Julian's Mom, they are pretty much opposites. But, Julian probably just sees his Mom more often because Julian is just like his Mom. Also, Julian's Dad is a loyer, so he must be pretty use to having to be calm and have to convince people.

3.4. My reaction to Mr. Tushman is that i'm not too surprised. I mean, he always has been a very good and kind principal/ this time, he made a smart decision like always for the school. He always does the best to improve the school and keep it awesome. For example, Mr. Tushman was really nice to August because he knew it would be hard with August's deformed face. Another example is that now in this situation Mr. Tushman did the best for the school by expelling the bully. It helps everyone.

3.5. I reacted to Julian's Grandmother very well. She seems like a very important character to this story. I think that she will be the one that changes Julian's mind. I mean, I think this is the reason why Julian's Grandmother told him this story. So, Julian's Grandmother will make a connection that's just like Julian's situation to make him realize what he has done, he has reacted badly, he should regret it very much and lastly, Julian should say sorry.

4. My Thinking Changing

4.1. I used to think Julian just acted really mean to August because he just is a mean person. Now, I think Julian actually is a normal, popular and silly kid. But, he is just mean because he wanted to be mean to August so he could still be popular like in fourth grade, also it was the sudden face that he met that he did not expect.

4.2. My thinking about Julian actually changed a lot. He even used to be scared of all these scary faces and movies. Kind of like all kids are when you are really little. Julian was just like all of us fifth grade kids. He just was mean to August probably because he was scared, just like when he was little. The book did say that his nightmares came back after seeing August.

4.3. I used to think Julian was just out to be mean to August and he just liked being mean in the book Wonder and the beginning of this book. But, now I'm starting to think that maybe part of why or most of why Julian acted so mean was because of his Mom. His Mom over reacts way too much. Julian is getting used to that and Julian's Mom makes it seem OK to be mean to August. Julian's Mom even photo-shopped August out of the school picture! Julian's Mom is kind of influencing Julian to act mean to August.

4.4. I think that Julian was the funny person in fourth grade and now that August came he's not really that funny guy anymore. I think Julian would be kind of annoyed because if I was Julian I would be annoyed with August around changing everything at school. However, Julian wouldn't show it and would just be mean because he didn't like August. Julian probably would put the whole blame on Julian because he doesn't want it to be on him.

4.5. In the beginning I did not think Grandmother would care so much about the story she told. But now, the way Julian's grandmother talks about Julian ( the crab boy ) shows how much she loved him. Even at that moment she cried even though it was so long ago. Also, Grandmother could barely talk about it. She talked about Julian in such a quiet and sweet way.

5. Power

5.1. I think August has the power because he is the one who makes Julian scared. August's deformed face gives Julian's nightmare because he is scared. Julian is actually scared to go to school because of August. August has the power to scare Julian with his face.

5.2. I also think that maybe Julian has the power because Julian can scare August by being mean and also Julian has the power to talk behind August's back even if August nows. Julian doesn't care what August thinks. Julian is really popular as well so, the other kids will listen to his gossip. Julian also made up the plague where you can't touch August so, everyone doesn't.

5.3. I infer at this point that Mr. Tushman, has the power. This is because Mr. Tushman is the principal, therefore he can do anything to the parents and kids in the school. For example, he could just expel Jack from school since he punched Julian in the face. However, Mr. Tushman made the choice to not expel Jack. This information shows that he likes or maybe favors Jack. On the other hand, maybe he did not because Jack did it for the reason for August since August has a deformed face and he is getting bullied.

5.4. At this moment I think Julian's Dad actually has the power. I think this because Julian's Mom has to listen to her husband because he is very strict. He is very strong about his opinions. Also, Julian's Dad makes the decisions. For example, he made the HUGE decision to move schools in New York City. That's very big.

6. Replying

6.1. @Adam, I agree. This is because the way the Mom acts. My evidence is that she even called the principal and idiot. Also, even Julian admitted that his Mom cried so dramatically. This shows Julian's Mom really is protective and loves him.

6.2. @Maddie, I think the only reason why Julian's Mom acts kind of like a kindergartener (that's what you said), because she is way over protective over her son, Julian. She wants everything to be perfect for Julian.

6.3. @Naina, I agree because since Henry told on Julian, it wasn't very nice for Julian. This is because Henry even promised.Also, Julian has trusted Henry for a very long time and it is even sad for us to know that our close friend betrayed us.

6.4. @Cole, I agree that Julian's Dad is more responsible than Julian's Mom. For example, Julian's Dad is a lawyer so, he has probably had to learn how to stay calm unlike Julian's Mom. Julian's Dad also pays attention to everyone's perspective. Another example is that Julian's Dad even does treat Julian the right way when Julian's Mom was just too stubborn to.


7.1. It's OK to be different

7.1.1. because... August is different and Julian needs to understand that it is OK.

7.2. you can cry if you regret things

7.2.1. there was a quote in the book that said that and Julian should regret about how he acted near August, Julian can cry and it's alright.

7.3. keep one trying

7.3.1. Once, Julian didn't understand why it was mean on how he was acting to August. However, he should keep on trying to figure out why because then it would help him and he would realize that he should say sorry

7.4. believe in yourself

7.4.1. Julian certainly should believe in himself to be brave and become August friend like Jack did. Also, Julian should believe in himself to not be afraid to say sorry to August no matter if Julian gets bullied now.

7.5. chose kind

7.5.1. this is a quote that was in the book that Mr. Brown, one of Julian's teachers told him. This is important because Julian needs to be kind and chose to be that way if he wants to actually be a nice friend.

8. Reflection

8.1. alright, after reading this book my thinking about this whole entire situation in the book Wonder has changed. This shows how important it is to know all perspectives. I bet that if I read this book again I would think a lot differently and have way different notes than last time. I never thought I would feel bad for Julian but knowing what really happened has made me regretting hating Julian. I used to think that Julian was just really mean for the fun of it but, now I know that he was mean because he was just really scared.