Jewish People

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Jewish People by Mind Map: Jewish People

1. People with autism have a disability and aren't capable of doing simple tasks. However, people with high-fuctioning autism are more than capable.

2. to work each day, me & my siblings go to work after school. I know that there are First Nations people that access Financial Assistance in our community, along with every other race!

3. Being Canadian, I'm told that I'm supposed to be extremely nice and say 'sorry' all the time. These things may be accurate about my personality but people shouldn't just assume that because I'm from Canada that I will be nice, say 'eh' and 'sorry' all the time.

3.1. all Mexicans are lazy and go into America illegally

3.2. There is the stereotype that all Canadian's are polite and that they say sorry and help people. Working in customer service, has made me realize that this is far from true about a lot of people who live here.

3.3. i dont enjoy the stereotype that all canadians live in igloos , i only live in one for half the year.

4. Based on my age, I am not knowledgeable enough to contribute to conversations adults are having.

4.1. Young people should not preform management roles; they do not have the skills or the attention span to follow through with the role.

4.2. Young people today, do not know what they are doing, they are lazy, irresponsible and lack dedication, we are going to ruin our society. Here's a link that is ironic when you think about who is calling us lazy. <>

4.3. As we age we lose our ability to learn. Not true!


5. National or Ethnic Origin

5.1. Stereotype: All First Nations people are lazy and don't want an education. Experience: I knew a First Nations person in my program last year who was very dedicated to his schooling.

5.1.1. There is an assumption you know everything about every Nation within the Indigenous community.

5.2. Stereotype: All Asian people are great at math. Experience: It's just simply not true, i have many Asian friends who's math classes were their worst subjects.

5.2.1. Stereotype: Italians eat pasta and can cook

5.2.2. Reality: I am from the Italian decent and in fact I hate cooking and I am not good at it. I hate lasagna and I do not eat pasta every day for dinner although it is delicious!

5.3. Stereotype that all Australians know how to surf and eat vegemite. Experience: I have some relatives from Australia and none of them Surf and they all think that vegemite is disgusting

5.4. Stereotype heard in the park yesterday: People from other countries leave garbage at the park all the time. Reality: "Canadian-born" people also leave garbage at the park. It is individuals who leave garbage, not ethnic groups.

6. Based on my color, I am followed more by law enforcement or security because they think I will steal.

6.1. I was 17yrs old when my family could afford a trip together. The airport security had a hard time believing that we were all a family since half of us were white and the other black. *Love is blind to colour.

6.2. A friend has shared a story about him being placed in a more strict airport security line (twice already) due to his darker complexion and looking more Mexican compare to his other family members

7. Race

7.1. Women of colour endure the same oppression as caucasian women.

8. That people in Africa that are apart of tribes are weird and run around in small pieces of clothing covering on bottom half. That is not true, especially from my tribe at least.

9. Women are all dependent on men; which is not true.

9.1. Female Firefighters are inferior to their male counterparts

9.1.1. the Irish are drunks.In 2014, the Wall Street Journal ranked every country on Earth by how much booze its average citizen consumed. With a mere 11.9 liters (3.2 gal) per annum, Ireland didn’t even make the top 20.

9.2. Being a female inevitably means that people are going to assume that we can not do the same things that males can. For example when I am working out a the gym guys will say you're a girl you can't do that or they assume they can do everything better than us. Just because they are stronger doesn't mean I can't do it it with perfect form. When things like that happen it gives me even more motivation to prove to them that girls are just as strong as males.

10. The stereotype that if you do not celebrate the lgbtq community, you are against them. I am not against anyone, I just focus on my own sexuality.

10.1. All gay men have AIDS in a sad stereotype I have heard before. The following link debunks that horrible stereotype.

10.2. Same sex couples should not parent children because it takes a man and a women to properly parent kids.

10.3. "It's just a phase" is one of the most hurtful things anyone has ever said to me. watched many of my friends be rejected or degraded by friends and family for coming out. It scared me out of being comfortable enough with myself to come out.

11. Marital Status

11.1. Children of single mothers will do poorly in school and are from broken homes.

11.2. living common law

12. If you're disabled in someway, you're looked at as less capable than non disabled members of the community. That is not true.

12.1. People think that when you are identified as "exceptional" or "gifted" that "you shouldn't complain, you have it easy". I have spent my whole life fighting that stereotype.


12.3. Those with a physical disability must also have a corresponding intellectual disability. Personal experience: an individual has the same cognitive capacity before and after a paralyzing accident. Their legs, not their brain, were injured.

12.4. An example for this stereotype I have experienced is that because of my disability I was not invited to participate in certain events.

13. Being a convict means you're damaged goods. That is not always true. Some people deserve a second chance if it is safe to do so to the community.

14. 12% of employees surveyed believe older workers are more problematic than beneficial.

15. If somebody is poor or part of a low-income house hold it's often assumed that the person and/or family is lazy, uneducated, substance abusers, or linguistically different.

16. I always hear "Oh it's a woman driver, that makes sense now" the stereotype that woman are bad drivers. It has never made sense to me because if you're a bad driver it has nothing to do with your gender at all.

17. A common stereotype revolves around women in the STEM fields of work, primarily that very few are capable or interested. However, low levels of female employees in this field are likely due to stereotyping alone.

18. A stereotype of an individual who is a visible minority, receiving less opportunity in the workforce is an obstacle many have had to challenge everyday.

19. The stereotype I always hear is the all Jewish people are rich and cheap.,7340,L-4099803,00.html

19.1. The stereotype i herd was if your Chinese you will automatically be good at math and numbers.

20. A stereotype I hear all the time is that all Asian people are bad drivers.

21. a common stereotype is that homeless people are lazy, when in reality most suffer some form of mental illness.

22. A stereotype i have heard before is that all black people are criminals, When that is far from the truth... A lot of black people are very successful in life.

23. COLOURISM: I have often been looked at as "less black" than others because I am mixed and thus have less often fallen victim of racism because I am closer to white than others. Which, to me is just another form of racism.

24. Men are stronger than Women. Simply not accurate.