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trinity 三位一體 by Mind Map: trinity 三位一體
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trinity 三位一體

god is love 上帝是愛


not duality 不是二元性

coexistence of 3 persons 三位格共存

God is otherness 上帝是他者

the how : is personal, is TRINITY 如何:是位格,是聖三

Father 父親

the term Father denotes only a special relationship. has nothing to do with our concepts about our father , or gender. God the Father is not male or female. we use this term, Father, because His Son, Jesus Christ  teaches us to use this term. God is Father because he has a Son and proceeds the Holy spirit. a poor explanation may be, that Father is the INITIATOR , the REASON of the other 2 persons

more 更多

god exists not as power but as person 上帝存在並非以權柄而是以位格

press for more about person 按此處更多關於位格

god is one 上帝是一

one reason =the father 一個原由= 父神

reason result in 原因結果

unity in otherness 在他性裡合一

perihoresis , god is the perfect emptiness ,共滲共透上帝是完美空性

god is energy 上帝是能源

god HAS 上帝有 ----

god is active 上帝是活躍積極

trinity in economy 聖三的組織架構

the what 是什麼

essence of the Father 父親的本質

how we know god? 我們如何認識神?

trinity in the old testament and new testament 聖三在舊約與新約

god reveals himself as trinity 上帝顯示祂自己正如三位一體