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Rhinitis by Mind Map: Rhinitis

1. Allergic Rhinitis

2. Infectious Rhinitis

3. Nonallergic/noninfectious Rhinitis

3.1. Occupational Rhinitis

3.2. Drug induced Rhinitis

3.2.1. Rhinitis Medicamentosa

3.2.2. other drugs

3.3. Hormonal Rhinitis

3.4. Rhinitis if the elderly (senile)

3.5. NARES (nonallergic rhinitis with nasal eosinophilia syndrome

3.6. smoking rhinitis

3.7. Idiopathic rhinitis (IR)

3.7.1. Assessment & Diagnosis History (case question 2) Diagnosis of Exclusion Physical exam (case question 3) non--purulent clear, watery nasal discharge erythematous rather than pale nasal mucosa may have lack of nasal inflamation diagnostic tests (case question 4) skin testing for IgE nasal eosinophelia cold/dry/air provocation test

3.7.2. Interventions (case question 5) Pharmacologic capsaicin sympathomimetics topical steroids surgery antihistamines non-pharmacologic avoid triggers

3.7.3. Teaching (case question 6) avoid triggers don't overuse sympathomimetic nasal sprays