Student Practices in HS Math/Science

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Student Practices in HS Math/Science by Mind Map: Student Practices in HS Math/Science

1. Work Products

1.1. Student progress through various properties

1.2. Student Data showing mastery and skills that need development

1.3. (Optional) Student-created tutorial videos

2. Instructional Strategies

2.1. "Flipping" the classroom to create more small group targetted instruction from teachers

2.2. Create small focus groups based on

2.3. Give students an exit slip that can be checked in Khan Academy stats page

2.4. Have students re-make their own Khan Academy videos and study guides

2.5. Use Khan Academy as a model for your own class website in Google Sites, Wordpress, Skedula, etc.

3. Tools (Tech)

3.1. Web Connection

3.2. Web browser that can play Youtube videos

3.3. Khan Academy Account

3.4. Google Account (i.e. or email account

3.5. (Optional) Google Site as Class Portal

3.6. (Optional) Google Presentations for Class Instructions

4. Standards

4.1. See Common Core Standards Connected to Khan Academy here

4.2. Schoolwide Vision for small group learning

4.3. Allow for differentiated instruction, independent remedial/enrichment practice, and small group instruction from teacher

5. Texts (Media)

5.1. Khan Academy Videos

5.2. Math

5.2.1. Videos

5.2.2. Practice Problems

5.3. Science

5.3.1. Videos

5.3.2. Student feedback

5.4. Student-Created Tutorial Videos