Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer 411 by www.ModulateThis.com

Created by electronic music artist Mark Mosher www.markmoshermusic.com.

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Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer 411 by www.ModulateThis.com by Mind Map: Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer 411 by www.ModulateThis.com

1. Downloads: Blofeld Folder on Official Site

1.1. Factory sounds

1.2. Latest Firmware

1.2.1. Firmware download page

1.2.2. 1.22 What's New

1.2.3. Additional KBC1.4 (Released June 2014) Update for Keyboard Edition

1.2.4. Firmware 1.23 (released then pulled back) Read my article "Must Read for Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer Owners: New 1.23 Firmware for Blofeld + New Spectre App + Secret Sauce for Getting Spectre Sample Transfer to Work After Upgrading"

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2.2. About the Author

2.2.1. Mark Mosher Music

2.2.2. Contact

3. Models

3.1. Keyboard

3.1.1. Learn More

3.1.2. Buy US Sweetwater $999

3.1.3. 60MB of non-volatile memory already activated Load sounds with Spectre Editor

3.1.4. Extra Buttons Octave-Up Octave-Down Free Assignable button

3.1.5. 49 Keys Fatar Semi-Weighted Keyboard Velocity Aftertouch Release Velocity

3.2. Desktop

3.2.1. Learn More

3.2.2. Buy US Sweetwater $499

3.2.3. 60MB of non-volatile RAM must be activated with Digtial Download "License SL License SL Learn More Buy Download Online (Recommended) Load sounds with Spectre Editor

3.3. Limited Editon in Black

3.3.1. Blofeld Keyboard Black

3.3.2. Blofeld Desktop Black

4. Computer Editors

4.1. Spectre APP

4.1.1. Organize and move samples to non-volatile memory

4.1.2. Transmits .mid files to upgrade and send patches

4.2. Third-Party

4.2.1. Windows Softknobs Blofeld VST Editor Info Download Synopsis Blofeld User Wavetable Creaator MIDIOX - SYSEX Send and recieve for patches, multis, banks... Synposis Software Waldorf Blofeld Sound Organizer - Sound Editor Info/Download Demo Video Communicates with System Exclusive Windows 7 32 Vista 32 Windows XP

4.2.2. Mac OSX Monstrumfeld ($49)

4.2.3. iPad Patch Morpher Lemur Template MIDI Designer App Blofled Template MIDI Designer

4.2.4. Linux Monstrumfeld ($49)

5. Sound Libraries

5.1. Waldorf Store

5.1.1. Alien Vanguard Soundset for Waldorf Blofeld by HG Fortune and Dimitri Schkoda

5.1.2. Jörg Schaaf's Blofeld Xperience Vol 1

5.1.3. *Genres* for Waldorf Blofeld by Rob Lee (Requires Kbd or SL Option)

5.1.4. Ingo Weidner's "Analog vs. Digital" Soundset for Waldorf Blofeld

5.1.5. Space Explorer Soundset for Blofeld by Dr.-Ing. Christian Gritzner

5.1.6. Attack! Soundset (Drum Module) for Blofeld by Piotr Jablonski Demo video

5.1.7. Electric Body Machinery Soundset for Blofeld by Ari Ahrendt

5.2. Back in Time Sound Libraries for Blofeld Keyboard or Desktop with SL Option

5.3. http://synth.stromeko.net/Downloads.html#WaldorfSounds

5.3.1. Soundsets

5.3.2. Samples

5.3.3. Wavetables SQ80 Prophet VS Microwave ...

6. Resources

6.1. Waldorf Music

6.2. Modulate This

6.2.1. Category on Modulate This

6.3. Facebook Fan page

7. Largo vs Blofeld