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Mobile App 2.0 by Mind Map: Mobile App 2.0

1. ELA

1.1. Chicktionary

1.1.1. Unscramble a roost full of LETTERS and create as many WORDS as possible. Each chicken bears a letter. Touch them to and spell out a word, then watch as the word appears below them. Students can use this to work on their spelling. Teachers can use this with their students to work on their vocabulary.

1.2. Inspiration Map Lite

1.2.1. Brainstorm, plan, organize and build thinking skills. Watch as students engage, create and learn as they build and organize their diagrams. With a single tap, turn your diagram into an outline that can be customized and expanded upon, then exported to a writing app. Students could use this to brainstorm and outline their writing. Teachers can use this with group work. Each group could use this app to brainstorm and outline the project.

1.3. WordItOut

1.3.1. An attractive arrangement of randomly positioned words, where the most important words are bigger than the others. Students can use this to summarize a story they read. It would help them pick out the most important parts of the story. Teachers could use this as an ice breaker to have the students introduce themselves to the class the first day of school.

1.4. Bluster

1.4.1. This word matching game develops vocabulary and word understanding for school-aged children, or anyone brave enough to battle the elements. Shine bright in single-player mode as you learn and practice important word skills. Match rhyming words, prefixes and suffixes, synonyms, homophones, adjectives, and more. Teachers can have this app in an ELA center to have them work on word work. Students can use this app to practice their word skills at home and at school.

2. Science

2.1. Popplet

2.1.1. + Explore Ideas: Brainstorming, Mindmapping + Plan Projects: Diagrams, Process Charts 
+ Record Thoughts: Journals, Notes, Lists
 + Collect Inspiration: Mood Boards, Scrapbook, Travel Plans
 + Create Galleries: Photo albums, Portfolios, Presentations

 + Study: School Projects, Class Notes Teachers can use this to plan projects they want to complete in the future. Students can use this to take notes and they can also use it to create diagrams. Students can use the diagrams as a final assessments.

2.2. World Weather

2.2.1. World Weather provides weather forecast for more than 850,000 cities worldwide. You can select any desired location by entering City, State, Country, ZIP code of Airport code. One week weather forecast information (in landscape mode) for any chosen location in your list. Realtime weather conditions (in vertical mode) comes along with: * GPS for location aware info * Amazing, realistic weather animation * Short description * Temperature (current, high, low) * Wind (speed, direction) * Humidity * Pressure * Dew Point * Visibility * Sunrise * Sunset * Moon phase Students can use this app to know what the weather is in their current location as well knowing the weather around the world. Teachers can use this app when the class is discussing weather vocabulary.

2.3. VideoScience

2.3.1. A growing library of over 80 hands-on Science lessons that are great for home and the classroom. These short videos demonstrate inexpensive and easy to recreate experiments that are designed to inspire and excite kids of all ages. Students can use this app to watch different experience based on what they maybe discussing in science. Teachers can use this app to get experiment ideas that they can use in their own classroom.

2.4. Optical Illusion

2.4.1. This Simple Application is a collection containing 96 different optical illusions. Watch them and be amazed. This app is a good one for students to see all different optical illusion and know they are not all the same. Teachers can use this app to explain what they are and use them as examples of optical illusions.

3. Reading

3.1. K12 Timed Reading

3.1.1. • 25 short, engaging stories for K-4 readers • A variety of fiction and non-fiction • 10 Flesh-Kincade reading levels between • Track one reader's stories read, words per minute, percent above or below average reading rates, and what's next on the reading list • View recommendations for moving up or down in reading difficulty based on recorded Words per Minute scores Students can use this app to set goals for themselves for how fast they will be able to read. Teachers can use this app in a reading center. The teacher can give the student recommended goals so they can strive to do better each time they are tested.

3.2. QuickVoice

3.2.1. NEWS! Now with super-useful VOICE REMINDERS!!! QuickVoice is the most popular, full-featured iPhone/iPad/iPod voice recorder available. Record ideas, voice memos, voice email, dictation, lists, meetings, classes, or entire lectures! For professional, educational, and personal use... Students can use this to set reminders for assignments and test. Teachers can use this in a reading center. Have the students record themselves reading so they can work on fluency.

3.3. Aesop's Quest

3.3.1. Aesop's Quest, based on Aesop's Fables, is a learning game where the player must remember elements of a story to complete a level. The game uses reading comprehension to develop cognitive reading skills. The touch mechanic of the game engages children in a hands-on learning process, implementing kinesthetic learning. Students can use this to work on their comprehension skills, Teachers can use this app with whole class or small group to work on story elements.


3.4.1. This app will read you any word, show the origin, find synonyms, and everything else you’d expect from a dictionary app. Students can use this app to quickly look up words they come across when reading and they don't know what it means. Teachers can use this when they are looking for synonyms for words used a lot.

4. Math


4.1.1. To provide a world-class, online domain on which educators can store, categorize, and rate the best, K – 12 educational videos on the Internet today. And to make this service FREE so teachers, parents and students everywhere may have access to those videos. Students may use this at home to get further instruction on a math lesson. Teachers can make videos to introduce a math lesson in class and students who are absent can watch the video. So when they come back to school they won't be behind.

4.2. Number LIne

4.2.1. Number Line is an educational game app to help students learn about fractions, decimals, and percents by ordering equivalent fractions, decimals, and percents on a number line. The app features multiple levels where the player must drag circles with either a percent, decimal or fraction onto a number line in the correct sequence. A score is earned based on the time it takes to put all the circles in the correct order (faster is better), plus points for each correct placement, minus points for each error. Students can use this to practice fractions and percents at home. Teachers can use this in the classroom as a math center.

4.3. Easy Chart

4.3.1. - Creates bar/line/pie/sidebar charts. - Save to photos in small/medium/large size - Works without an internet connection. - Multiple Color Schemes - EASY! Students can use this app to collect data and put it in a chart to present to the class. Teachers can use this app to chart the growth of each student or the class as a whole.

4.4. Ace Multiply

4.4.1. 1. MULTIPLIER: Review and learn the times table one multiplier at a time. Multipliers range from zero (0) to twelve (12). Touch the pieces to flip and reveal the answers. 2. GRID PLAY: Solve the grid by dragging the right answer to the times grid slot before time runs out. The difficulty gets harder and less time is given as player progress through the level. The higher player progress through the levels and the quicker the gird is solved, the higher the score. 3. GAME BLITZ: Solve one random grid quickly as possible. The ranking is based not he best time. Students can use this to practice their multiplication. Teacher can use this app in a math center for those students who are struggling with multiplication.