Impacts of predictive Genome scoring

Overview of plan for study on impacts of predictive genomic scoring

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Impacts of predictive Genome scoring by Mind Map: Impacts of predictive Genome scoring

1. Familial impacts of Genome testing

1.1. Genomic Councilling: Completed online course for overview of the field

2. Technologies for genomic testing

2.1. Genome-wide Polygenic Screening

2.2. Twins studies

2.3. Genome-wide association studies

2.4. Environmental genomics testing

3. Predictive Scoring impacts on teachers

4. Impacts of existing quantiative predictive data in education

4.1. CEM/Durham (Yellis,Midyis,ALIS)

4.2. Project STAR

5. Methods / Experimentation in the field

6. Impacts of medical data in education