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Netiquette by Mind Map: Netiquette

1. Don't Abuse Your Powers

1.1. Some people are higher up in the technology area than others. But even if these people have more training in these areas that doesn't mean that they can take advantage of others or not respect netiquette.

2. Make Yourself Look Good Online

2.1. You will be judged by the quality of your writing, therefore, make sure that you have no spelling or grammar errors.

2.2. Take a spelling or grammar course at the local University or College.

2.3. Pay attention to the content of your writing. You should be knowledgable about what you are writing about.

2.4. Keep it simple and to the point

2.5. Be polite and repectful

2.6. Don't use vulgar language

3. Remember the Human

3.1. You need to remember that you aren't talking to a computer, you are talking to real people on the other side. Therefore it is important to remember the golden rule: Treat others like you would like to be treated.

3.2. It is easy to misinterpret what people may be saying online, therefore it is important to keep it simple and make sure that we aren't hurting anyones feelings.

3.3. Before commenting on things, it's important to realize that the person who made that has feelings too.

3.4. Once you comment on something, chances are is that they are there forever and they will come back eventually to taunt you. Like that video of the girl posting the picture online- someone can take that picture and pass it on. Once the picture or comment is up, it is not yours anymore, it is the internets.

4. Be Forgiving of Other People's Mistakes

4.1. Everyone makes mistakes, therefore it is important to forgive and understand that people make mistakes online. If you feel that you need to point out the mistake, it is better to tell them through email instead of publicly.

5. Respect Other's Privacy

5.1. It is important to respect others privacy as you would like one to respect yours.

6. Keep Flame Wars Under Control

6.1. Flaming is when people express an opinion without holding back emotion. These are usually letters that involve more than 2 people which argue and fight over a certain topic. These do not show professionalism or netiquette.

7. Respect Other People's Time

7.1. It seems like we have less time than ever- It is important to make sure that when people read your posts it isn't wasting your time.

7.2. Don't expect instant responses or people wanting to carry on an argument that they are not interested in. It may not be worth their time.

7.3. Before sending something to someone, ask if they really need to know that information or if it is just wasting their time. If so, don't send it to them.

8. Adhere to the Same Standards of Behaviour Online that you Follow in Real Life.

8.1. In Cyberspace, people are less concerned about getting caught, therefore they portray unacceptable behaviour.

8.2. Breaking the law in cyberspace is also bad netiquette.

8.3. Privacy and Copyright are two major laws when it comes to cyberspace.