Nobody Owens and his Key Relations

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Nobody Owens and his Key Relations by Mind Map: Nobody Owens and his Key Relations

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2. The Man Jack

2.1. What is his key relationship with Bod?

2.1.1. He was sent by his mysterious organisation to kill Bod's whole family, although Bod escaped.

2.2. How does Bod feel about him?

2.2.1. When Bod first learns about him, he wants vengeance. In page 181 of the book, Bod says, "If I go outside the world, the question isn't 'who will keep me safe from him...It's 'who will keep him safe from me?"

2.2.2. Later, when Scarlett is in danger, page 262-263 of the book, Bod begins to feel a fear of Jack, because although Jack cannot hurt him, he can hurt his friends.

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4. Silas

4.1. What is his key relationship with Bod?

4.1.1. Bod felt that Silas is his idol and trusted Silas a lot. Page 23-24 of the book, Silas is the only citizen of the graveyard who is responsible to delivering food and water to Bod.

4.2. How does Bod feels about him?

4.2.1. Silas cares for Bod a lot. Page 201-205, Silas saves Bod from the policemen when Bod was sabotaged by Mo, his schoolmate. Despite getting injured later, he did not mind as all he priortized is getting Bod to safety.

4.2.2. He is Bod's guardian ever since Bod is introduced to the graveyard with Mr. and Mrs. Owens promising to be Bod's parents.

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6. Scarlett

6.1. What is her relationship with Bod?

6.1.1. The first living person who met Bod while on her frequent visit to the graveyard. Was Bod's only living friend.

6.2. How does Bod feel about her?

6.2.1. Page 50-57. Bod brought Scarlett to the Frobishers' little mausoleum, Bod cared for Scarlett a lot as he stayed close to her and held her hand to make sure Scarlett fel safe while on their journey down the mausoleum.

6.2.2. Page 284-287. Bod saved Scarlett from The Man Jack's grasp whom Scarlett thought Jack was friendly and did not expect to take advantage of her. But Scarlett in the end did not appreciate Bod's initial gesture and accused Bod on being a 'monster', wanting to stay away from him. Page 288-289, Bod admit that he liked Scarlett and was depressed that Silas had took away Scarlett's memories. Bod also did not understand why Scarlett was scared of him despite having the same relations to her kind.

7. Mother Slaughter

7.1. What is her key relationship to Bod?

7.2. How does Bod feel about her?

7.2.1. Page 297-298. One of the last few friends Bod met before his departure from the graveyard. Felt reluctant to let Bod leave the graveyard into the world. Felt that Bod had grew a lot ever since his arrival in the graveyard.

7.2.2. One of Bod's friends in the graveyard. Was the one who questioned on Bod's living place in the graveyard. Felt astonished when Mrs. Owens idea to give Bod the Freedom of the Graveyard. Was also the one who felt that Bod should not leave the graveyard when he first came.

7.2.3. Also cared for Bod. She used a grubby piece of linen from her sleeve and wiped the blood off Bod's forehead. She also reminded Bod to keep safe in his later times in the world as no one would no longer look out for his safety unlike in the graveyard.