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Exhibitions by Mind Map: Exhibitions

1. 12 Exhibitions

1.1. 12

1.1.1. When? From beginning of March - opening after Break in last week before exams Who? Location? Displays panels? jobs Students Opening

2. Gr 9

3. Gr 10

3.1. [email protected]

3.2. [email protected]

4. FIB

4.1. When?

4.1.1. First week of june Who? [email protected] Location? Art Foyer Displays panels? flats

5. HS Art exhibtion

5.1. When?

5.1.1. Put up in June leave for next year - put basic display in foyer using some of the panels or the cows Who? [email protected] [email protected] Location? Art Foyer Displays panels? cows some panels

6. Middle School

6.1. When?

6.1.1. Location?