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emptiness 空, 反而倒空自己 by Mind Map: emptiness 空, 反而倒空自己
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emptiness 空, 反而倒空自己

phil. 2:7 反而倒空自己,取了奴僕的形象,成為人的樣式; 1cor 13:5...愛不求自己的益處, seeketh not its own

Son 聖子

as God 完全的神

becomes human , becomes what he was NOT, (weak, humiliated, etc finally receives death) has human flesh, FOR EVER AFTER THE RESURRECTION 成為人類,成為祂原本不是的(有軟弱,羞辱....等等,最後接受死亡),永遠有人類的肉體,在復活後直到永遠, john 1:14 道成了肉身、住在我們中間, john 1:11 他到自己的地方來、自己的人倒不接待他

CROSS is the self sacrificing love of god 神的愛是背起十字架犧牲自我

not only the Father , gives the Son to be crusified, but the Son agrees also不是僅有父神讓子受難,而是子也願意並同意如此作

the Son accepts to be born 聖子接受生自於父神

avoids to act many miracles like god 避免施行許多奇蹟像神

as human完全的人

philip 2:6-7 他形質上本是屬神的,卻不以自己帝平等為應當把持不舍的(或譯『為僭奪』) 反而將自己傾倒出來,取了奴仆的形質,成為人的樣式。 Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:but emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of men;

although he is god, acts mostly by the other 2 persons, not by himself 縱使祂是上帝,祂所行出來大部分是藉由另兩位,而非單單仰賴自己

Isaiah 53:1-12

although Christ can do this , being god, in Eucharist , we ask the Father to send the Holy spirit to change the bread and wine to the body and flesh of Christ, 縱使基督自己能成就此事,因為祂是上帝, 在聖餐禮, 我們請求聖父差遣聖靈來改變麵包與酒成為基督的身體

Christ calls himself SON OF MAN, very humbly , although he is the one SON OF GOD 基督稱祂自己是人子,非常謙卑,縱然祂也是上帝之中的一個位格

returns everything to father 一切皆回歸父神, in Golgotha offers his life to the father. Adam in paradise did the oposite. 在各各他獻上他自己給父神.而亞當在伊甸園卻反行其道, John 15:13, obey completely to Father as human 雖是人類但卻完全順服父神, obedience to the Other, life FOR ther other. 順服他者,生命是為他者

redeemer 救恩

our duty , to empty ourselves 我們的職責,淨空自己

by receiving the holy communion in us 藉著領受靈在我們裡內

by loving others more than ourselves 愛他者更勝於愛我們自己

love the eneny 愛我們的仇敵

sacrifice my selfish desires to the other 為他者犧牲自我的私慾

love the earth, all creatures and things 愛地球,愛眾生眾物

accept my everyday cross participating to Jesus cross 每日背起自我的十字架,參與基督的十字架

imitate Jesus life 仿效基督的生命

Galatians 6:2

refuse our way of existing based on individuality, and live BECAUSE of the others and FOR the others, as god grands this kind of life 拒絕我們根基在個體生存方式,活著因他者,也為他者,正如上帝賜與此種生活方式

FEEL THE OTHER INSIDE ME, THE OTHER IS ME .....john 17:21使他們都合而為一.正如你父在我裏面、我在你裏面.使他們也在我們裏面, 2cor 11:29 有誰軟弱、我不軟弱呢.有誰跌倒、我不焦急呢

in liturgy 聖禮儀

God empties ultimately 上帝完完全全淨空

accepts to become bread and wine 接受成為麵包與酒, to become the food of eternal life 成為永恆生命的食物, to become the source of life 成為生命的來源, to unify himself to us , like nobody else can do 將他自己與我們合一,無人成就此事, Jesus loves us much more than we love Him耶穌愛我們更勝於我們愛祂, Jesus wants to enter to us because of his love 耶穌要進入我們,因祂愛我們

although Christ can do this , being god, in Eucharist , we ask the Father to send the Holy spirit to change the bread and wine to the body and flesh of Christ, 縱使基督自己能成就此事,因為祂是上帝, 在聖餐禮, 我們請求聖父差遣聖靈來改變麵包與酒成為基督的身體

love - cross 愛--十字架

the love of god crucifies 神的愛犧牲奉獻

the love of son is crucified 子的愛是釘在十字架

offer life to father 將生命獻給付神

Jesus does not come down from the cross BECAUSE HE IS THE SON OF GOD 耶穌並沒有從十字架下來,正因為祂是上帝的兒子

the love of spirit wins 聖靈的愛戰勝一切

john 3:16 神愛世人、甚至將他的獨生子賜給他們、叫一切信他的、不至滅亡、反得永生。

not exist like anti-keimenon, like living oposite, but dissapear in you

cross prefegured in old testament 舊約已預表十字架

Father 聖父

empties himself to us 將自己淨空給了我們


empties himself, love is not lonlines 完全淨空祂自己,愛不是孤單寂寞

give birth to Son 父生子

proceeds the holy spirit 由父神所發出聖靈

seems that does not exist, silent, not forcing anybody to accept him 神看似不存在,寂靜,又不強迫人來接受祂

reveals himself by the Son in Holy spirit 藉由子並在聖靈中將祂顯出

god empties himself creating 上帝淨空祂自己來創造

god is the only existence, but he creates other existence, the world 上帝是唯一的存在者,但祂創造他者存在,就是世界

purpose to become creature, incarnation 目的為成為受造者,道成肉身

holy spirit 聖靈

accepts to be proceeded 接受發自於父神

serves the plan of salvation 在救恩的計畫中服事

1 Corinthians 12:3

accepts and suffers that we refuse HIM 接受並甘願受苦而我們卻拒絕接受祂

perichoresis 互滲共存