the dream catcher/ planet 00001

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the dream catcher/ planet 00001 by Mind Map: the dream catcher/ planet 00001

1. original

1.1. setting

1.1.1. an inuit tent

1.2. charcters

1.2.1. kookum(grandma) kookum respects all living things including spider

1.2.2. spider spider is small and harmless

1.2.3. little boy the little boy is afraid of spiders, and trys to kill spider

1.3. big idea

1.3.1. Respect all the things around you, and one day they will respect you back

1.4. problem

1.4.1. the little boy tries to kill the spider, but he does not know what kookum will do.

1.5. resolution

1.5.1. kookum defends the spider, and then the spider thanks her for saving his life.

1.5.2. kookum tells, and convinces the boy to not kill spider

2. modern

2.1. big idea

2.1.1. respect others, and they will respect you

2.2. setting

2.2.1. planet 00001 A large planet with a forest covered all over.

2.3. characters

2.3.1. astronaut george Astronaut George loves all nature, and living things Astronaut george was recruited to work for general Clark.

2.3.2. allonia the alien Allonia the alien is one of the last of his species with 1,500 other friends on planet 00001. Allonia, and his 1,500 other freinds are very strong, and try to keep the forest but haved failed so far.

2.3.3. mr. Clark mr.Clark is the main boss, and works with astronaut george. With his army of 2,000 men he plans to takeover the planet, and kill all of allonia's friends too.

2.4. problem

2.4.1. General Clark, and his army is killing all the habatat on planet 00001, but astronaut George is starting to feel guilty of killing nature on another planet for money.

2.5. resolution

2.5.1. Astronaut George was asked to go abserve the aliens, but has decided to live with them. George chooses to support Allonia's cause.