the dream catcher

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the dream catcher by Mind Map: the dream catcher

1. old version

1.1. Characters old version

1.1.1. Kookum nice smart deserving

1.1.2. spider hard working nice

1.2. big idea/lesson old version

1.2.1. treat others the way you want to be treated

1.2.2. be thankful

1.3. problem

1.3.1. kookum's grandson wants to kill the spider

1.4. solution

1.4.1. kookum tells him not to

1.5. setting

1.5.1. cabin

2. new version

2.1. big idea/

2.1.1. be thankful

2.1.2. treat others the way you want to be treated

2.2. characters new version

2.2.1. Steve Jobs

2.2.2. apple president of design

2.3. setting

2.3.1. california

2.4. problem

2.4.1. someone offers president of design 1.5 million dollars for the latest design concept to sell to microsoft

2.5. solution

2.5.1. president of design refuses and Steve gives him a promotion