101 Transgender Life Goals

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101 Transgender Life Goals by Mind Map: 101 Transgender Life Goals

1. Career Goals

1.1. Find a Job Which Has Transgender Benefits

1.2. Find a Job Which has a Diversity Policy which Includes Transgender as a Protected Class

1.3. Find a Job Where People Are Open Minded

1.4. Find a Job Where I Can Be Challenged and Have Fun Doing What I Love

2. Coming Out Goals

2.1. Admit to Yourself that You are Trans

2.1.1. Accepting Yourself

2.1.2. Getting Rid of Internal Negative Messages

2.2. Come Out to Safe Neutral People

2.2.1. Counselor

2.2.2. Neutral Friend or Acquaintance

2.3. Come out to Open Minded Friends

2.4. Come Out to Open Minded Family

2.5. Come Out to Work

2.6. Come Out to the More Difficult People

3. Health Goals

3.1. Non Surgical Health Goals

3.1.1. FTM Weight Loss Cholesterol Control Blood Pressure Control Monitor Blood Sugar Dietary Changes Weight Lifting

3.1.2. MTF Electrolysis Hormones Permanent Eye Makeup

3.2. Surgery Goals

3.2.1. FTM Top Surgery Clitoral Release Surgery Simple Metoidioplasty Ring Metoidioplasty Ring Metoidioplasty with Scrotoplasty Ring Metoidioplasty with urethral routing Hysterectomy / Oophorectomy Scrotoplasty Phalloplasty Shoulder Implants Hip Contouring Facial Masculinization Hair Implants Mons Resection

3.2.2. MTF Breast Implants Vaginoplasty Clitoroplasty Orchiectomy Facial Feminization Surgery Butt Lift & Implants Hip Implants Hair Implants

3.2.3. Middle Path May or may not elect for surgery depending on the person

4. Skills

4.1. Goal

4.2. Goal

4.3. Goal

5. Personal Development Goals

5.1. Idea

5.2. Idea

5.3. Idea

6. Social Transition Goals

6.1. FTM

6.1.1. Packing

6.1.2. Haircut

6.1.3. Dressing in Male Clothes

6.1.4. Body Language

6.1.5. Lowering the Voice / Vocal Therapy

6.1.6. Natural Transition Options i.e. Herbal Remedies

6.1.7. Passing in Public

6.1.8. Part Time Dressing Up - May or May not Turn Into Full Time

6.1.9. Body Language Walking with a longer step Firmer hand shake Wrist is more straight, non bending Hands are less graceful Legs apart while sitting crossing legs like a guy

6.2. Middle Path

6.2.1. May or may not do one or both of the FTM or MTF methods of Social Transitioning

6.3. MTF

6.3.1. Dressing Breast Prosthesis Bras Waist Cinchers Lingerie / Underwear Gaffing Dresses Skirts Blouses

6.3.2. Makeup Eye Shadow Eye Liner Lipstick Lip Gloss Learning How to Apply all the above

6.3.3. Vocal Training / Vocal Coach

6.3.4. Get Nails Done Professionally

6.3.5. Go to the Spa Waxing

6.3.6. Wigs

6.3.7. Letting Hair Grow Out

6.3.8. Passing in Public

6.3.9. Part Time Dressing Up - May or May not Turn Into Full Time

6.3.10. Body Language Walking Letting Wrists Become More Loose Letting Hands become graceful