Biomedical Engineer

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Biomedical Engineer by Mind Map: Biomedical Engineer

1. What do they do?

1.1. Design medical devices

1.1.1. prosthetics

1.1.2. artificial organs

1.1.3. bioengineered skin

1.1.4. equipment

2. Salary

2.1. Median $87,000.00

3. Where do they work?

3.1. Office

3.2. Lab

3.3. Plant

4. Major job responsibilities

4.1. bridge the gap between medicine and engineering

4.2. design innovations on current medical devices

4.3. design new medical devices

5. Demand in the future?

5.1. There is a continuous need for new and improved medical devices, so there will continue to be a demand for biomedical engineers

6. Education

6.1. Minimum of a Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering

6.2. Most employers want a Masters in Biomedical Engineering

6.3. Some might have another BA or MA in a field that helps with selling or advertising the new devices/equipment

7. Related Careers

7.1. Clinical Engineers

7.2. Pharmaceutical Engineer

7.3. Professors - Medical field