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Steve's Experience @ Science Commons Symposium 2010 by Mind Map: Steve
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Steve's Experience @ Science Commons Symposium 2010



Cameron Neylon



twitter / FF conversations, #scspn bill hooker: very useful graphs of networks, #scspn cameron neylon shows panton principles (Panton is a pub)

Inspirations, Cameron: "It's a privilege, not a right to be a scientist.", How much so far has the public invested in me?

Jean Claude Bradley



twitter / FF conversations, #scspn wondering whether Jean-Claude's students have slates or tablets to use in the lab?, #scspn thanks, Jean-Claude for showing Anthony's notebook!, #scspn I am so impressed with the open notebook science that Jean-Claude and his collaborators, students are doing. So thorough, completely working system., #scspn still unclear to me how much effort would take to replicate Jean-Claude's entire ONS system. Mind boggling to imagine how much effort to create it. Props to Jean-Claude, Andy, Antony, the students, and others!

Inspirations, want to redouble efforts to improve our open notebook science

Antony Williams



twitter / FF conversations, #scspn chemspider amazing ... agree what an amazing hobby, #scspn signing up for chemspider ... not a chemist, but i need my chemspider vanity plate

Inspirations, Signed up for ChemSpider and made an edit!,

Peter Murray-Rust



twitter / FF conversations, #scspn emMA embargo manager,, #scspn still a bit hazy on the "open data" button. prob need to add it to our software so all of our public data gets the button

Heather Joseph



Twitter / FF, #scspn Heather Joseph shows alliance for taxpayer@access to data they paid for

Stephen Friend



Twitter / FF conversations, Liked "RT @scilib: #scspn Sage Bionetworks"

Peter Binfield



Inspirations, Obviously PLoS ONE is providing a service that was sorely needed and doing many things right that haven't been done right before, Based on extremely rapid growth,, PLoS ONE can keep growing, Pete speculated that pool of Academic Editors (currently about 1000) will be first factor to limit growth, Can personally help PLoS ONE grow by, publishing in PLoS ONE, encouraging others to publish in PLoS ONE, rating and commenting articles, Strikes me that PLoS is very well serving my publishing needs as a scientist. What about other needs that scientific societies serve?,

John Wilbanks



Twitter / FF, Mr. Gene, #scspn Wilbanks: converge on common names: semantic web can provide this simple piece at the center of the hourglass, #scspn Wilbanks: in science you make data, tools, narratives

Inspirations, Overall, found the talk immensely inspiring, made me full of optimism and how much good can be done, Making data CC0 seems easy

Interactions with people

Since I am mindmapping, this looks less like name-dropping than my blog post will, for example

New people met (New as in-person for first time)

Conversations, Lisa Green, Heather Piwowar,, About to start awesome postdoc, Peter used her PLoS ONE paper as example in his talk, Anali Perry,, Brian Westra, Led to friendfeed thread that other peeps were interested in., Related to his email list for people interested in library data curation,, Dean Walton, colleague of Brian's

Briefly met, John Wilbanks, Peter Murray-Rust, Lee Dirks

People I've actually seen in real-life before

Bill Hooker

Hope Leman

Pete Binfield, Pete and Antony discussed ChemSpider / PLoS ONE,, To me, sounded like they have not much difficulty getting ChemSpider / PLoS ONE working together. Given what I've seen, I would be surprised if Antony could somehow get it working on his red-eye flight home, even without internet access.

Antony Williams, Discussed our athletic challenge a bit more,

Jean-Claude Bradley

Cameron Neylon

Cell Phone Photos

Peter Binfield and Antony Williams

Microsoft Open Access Fridge

Jean-Claude Bradley Open Notebook Science talk

Lee Dirks, Cameron Neylon presentations

Conf. about to start, Heather Piwowar, Bill Hooker, Cameron Neylon

Outside venue, showing beautiful sunny day

For Graham's mashup

Sunny day on Friday

For Graham's mashup

Action items

Figure out how to get athletic challenge / asthma research thing going for good

Cycling for Antony, running for me

Possibly contact asthma research foundation to see if they can help with money, still not convinced this is necessary

Figure out how to present info, wiki? friendfeed? facebook? google docs? nike+?

Improve our lab's ONS

Don't worry about fixing whole process from start to finish, just take some steps to make things clearly better, Andy's scripts for archiving Google docs, Each student improve a bit, in ways depending on what their research style is, CC0 for data, Make our software automatically add these licenses somehow

Read Heather's PLoS ONE paper and rate it

Write a blog post about this fantastic conference

Running out of steam, though, so I'm tempted to just embed this mindmap,

Things I probably won't do

Is that really an action item? hmmm

Inspired by Cameron, calculate the public investment in me so far,

Look into Mr. Gene