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Agile World by Mind Map: Agile World
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Agile World

Personal Software Process (PSP)

IT only

by Watts Humphrey; late 1994


Test Driven Development (TDD)

IT only



Domain Driven Design (DDD)

IT only

by Eric Evans

Joint Application Development (JAD)

IT only

by Chuck Morris, Tony Crawford; late 1970s


Adaptive Project Framework

by Robert K. Wysocki Ph.D.

Continous Integration (CI)

IT only

by Grady Booch; 1991


eXtreme Programming (XP)

IT only

by Kent Beck, Erich Gamma; 1999



Agile Data (AD)

IT only

by Scott Ambler

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

IT only

by Dean Leffingwell; 2012 v1.0

Feature Driven Developmement (FDD)

IT only

by Peter Coad, Jeff DeLuca; 1997


by Ken Schwaber, Sutherland, Beedle; 2001












by David J.Anderson; 2010



Lean Software Development

IT only

by Mary Poppendieck, Tom Poppendieck; 2003


Unified Process

IT only

by Jacobson, Kruchten, Royce, Kroll


Continuous Delivery (CD)

IT only

Continuous Delivery doesn't mean every change is deployed to production ASAP. It means every change is proven to be deployable at any time

Crystal Methodologies

IT only

by Allistar Cockburn; 1998

Comprised of a family of agile methodologies such as Crystal Clear, Crystal Yellow, Crystal Orange and others.

Crystal Clear

Crystal Yellow

Crystal Orange

Crystal Orange Web

Crystal Red

Crystal Maroon

Crystal Diamond

Crystal Sapphire

Adaptive Software Development (ASD)

IT only

by Jim Highsmith, Sam Bayer; 2000


IT only


This freeware, non-commercial mind map was carefully hand crafted with passion and love for learning and constant improvement ... (please share, like and give feedback - your feedback and comments are my main motivation for further elaboration. THX!)

Questions / issues / errors? What do you think about my work? Your comments are highly appreciated. Please don't hesitate to contact me for :-) Mirosław Dąbrowski, Poland/Warsaw.




What is Agile?

Agile Manifesto

Agile Alliance

Agile currently is buzzword, a marketing term

The Agile Mindset, Values and Principles

Agile is a umbrella term enclosing different methodologies, tools, techniques, practices and frameworks

Plan-Driven Projects vs. Change-driven Project Projects

Agile is best for complex projects

Agile is about delivering "best possible value" not maximum possible value

Agile is about focusing on business value / outcome, not strictly project plan / output

Agile respects the urgency and importance of priorities conveyed by the customer / user, most prominently by incremental delivery and flexible sequencing

Agile respects the common sense that all requirements can not be known at the outset, particularly when the outcomes are intangible and subject to an evolving understanding.

Agile is about empowering people, treating them as intellectual individuals

Agile is about working closely and constantly (active two side collaboration) with customer throughout (including more than just feedback loops)

Agile is about change, constant change which leads to better value

Agile thinking / approach often requires mind change and cultural shift

Why Agile Works

The 10 Golden Rules for Successful Agile Projects (by Keith Richards)


by Keith Richards; 2015

Management 3.0

Beyond Budgeting

Product Development Flow

The Vanguard Method

by John Seddon

Radical Management

by Steve Denning

Theory of Constraints

by Eliyahu M. Goldratt; 1997

Enterprise Transition Framework (ETF)

by agile42

The Mikado Method


by Brian Robertson; 2007

Evo methodology

by Tom Gilb; 1990s

Managed Agile Development Framework

by Charles G. Cobb; 2013

hybrid project-level framework

Agile Assessment Tools (a.k.a. Maturity Models)

DSDM/AgilePM Project Health Check Questionnairr (PHCQ)

Evidence Based Management (EBM)

Comparative Agility

Agile and Lean Forrester’s assessment framework

Agile Realized Benefits & Improvements (AgileRBI)

Scaled Agile Framework assessments

Agile Adoption Index

Sidky Agile Measurement Index (SAMI)

Agile Journey Index (AJI)

XP Evaluation Framework (XP:EF)

Agile Coach Health Assessment

TeamHealth Retrospective Assessment

Recipes for Agile Governance in the Enterprise (RAGE)

Sociocracy 3.0

Liquid Organization Model

The Open Organization

The Agile Software Development Lifecycle

by BearingPoint / infonova, 2016

Agile Project Management

by Trans-Atlantic Consulting Group BV; Polychor, 2014